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#unili Student Ambassadors: We are always here for you

For several years now, the University of Liechtenstein has offered the Student Ambassadors programme for those interested in the Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes. And with it an opportunity to get into conversation with those who know best what it is like to study at the University of Liechtenstein: the students themselves. But what exactly is the Ambassadors Programme and what does it offer?


In search of the ideal university

When college applicants begin their search for the ideal university, they usually have a variety of criteria in mind:

  • the best academic education
  • with a high practical component
  • access to an active network of companies and partners
  • attractive job prospects
  • perfekte Study-Life-Balance


But they also want to make sure they find a positive atmosphere. After all, it is important to them to be personally noticed and to be able to fully develop their individual potential. 
Naturally, motivated teams are available at the University of Liechtenstein to provide personal advice to prospective students. With numerous information offers, they provide contact points for every taste, such as:

  • Information events online or on campus
  • Education fairs on the doorstep of interested students
  • newsletters and videos
  • individual school workshops
  • personal counseling sessions

  • Authentic experience

    In addition to this professional advice, however, the perspective of current students is just as important. Through their authentic experience and proximity to the target group, student ambassadors have established themselves as a great asset when addressing potential students. They make a decisive contribution to the personal atmosphere in the initial contact with the university.


  • Each academic year, four motivated students are selected from each of the six bachelor's and master's programmes. They represent their study programme with numerous formats:
    They answer questions from prospective students individually via email and on social media channels such as Instagram.
    At information events, they offer insights into student life and take interested parties on campus tours.

    Meanwhile, they have their own advising format with Meet our #unili Students. There, potential students can clarify any final questions they may have on topics such as housing, part-time jobs, carpooling, cell phone contracts or leisure tips.


    New videos online

    New videos of the Ambassadors have also recently gone online. They talk briefly about their study highlights and give tips on student financing, housing and leisure activities. Of course, they always offer to answer further questions personally at any time.
    After all, the Student Ambassadors are "always there for you"!



    More videos of the Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes will follow soon here www.uni.li/ambassadors.

    Contact Student Ambassadors

    The contacts to the Student Ambassadors can be found at www.uni.li/ambassadors.




    Text: Simone Brandenberg, Student Marketing / Communication and Marketing, University of Liechtenstein

    Videos: Stephanie Büchel Photography


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