3502584: Visual Arts 4

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Semester:SS 13
Type:Lecture / Exercise
Scheduled in semester:4
Semester Hours per Week / Contact Hours:24.0 L / 18.0 h
Self-directed study time:27.0 h

Module coordination/Lecturers


Bachelor's degree programme in Architecture (01.09.2008)


  • Topography, texture, space, color and light aspects of a construction project are analyzed, varied, amended and expanded on in image sequences and excerpts from literature.
  • An architectural idea is explored by visual and creative means.
  • Ideas are translated into adequate and comprehensible visual forms of expression.
  • Visual style of expression is seen as the integration of analog/digital image systems.
  • Aspects of color in architecture are explored on a perceptual and creative level.
  • Structural art is discussed and placed into an integrated context.
  • Sculptural qualities of architecture are explored further.

Lecture Goals

Visual art forms are placed in context with the design and its implementation. The fourth semester in visual arts is the integration semester.
Students are expected to assess constraints of the topography and the construction project. Perception is explored individually in line with integrative ways of perception. The aim is to develop personal ways of perception including, aspects, perspectives and variations, which the students will be able to employ in the context of their design projects.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course each student should have the ability to demonstrate and/or work with:

  • the ability to understand and implement visual concepts.
  • familiarity with art techniques and their practical application in specific studies.
  • the ability to use various art techniques for the design process.
  • familiarity with the significance of color for large-scale projects.
  • the ability to independently apply painting and drawing techniques to visualize individual ideas and to select appropriate means of representation.
  • the ability to document and present the development of their architectural and artistic concepts.
  • the ability to integrate skills acquired in the courses Art History 2 and experience with plastic arts gained in Visual Arts 3 into the design process.

Lectures Method

Seminar and exercise

Admission Requirements

The modules of the Bachelor's program in architecture are structured consecutively (they build on each other).

  • Successful completion of the module Theory I prior to enrollment.
  • It is recommended to take the modules Theory II and III prior to enrolling this course.


  • Uwe M. Schneede: Die Geschichte der Kunst im 20. Jhrt., C.H. Beck 2001
  • Werner Oechslin: Die Zeichnung als Instrument des Architektonischen Entwurfs (published in 2006)

Exam Modalities

  • Attendance: 80%
  • Presenting and reviewing the assignments after each seminar


The course has to be passed with a sufficient grade (minimum grade of 4.0).
The module grade will be determined from the weighted average of the single course grades:

Art History 2 33%
Visual Arts 4 33%
Theories of Urban Planning 33%


18.02.201313:30 - 16:45AT1
18.02.201313:30 - 16:45Extern
25.02.201313:30 - 16:45AT1
25.02.201313:30 - 16:45S8
04.03.201313:30 - 16:45S7
11.03.201313:30 - 16:45AT1
25.03.201313:30 - 16:45Extern
08.04.201313:30 - 16:45abgesagt/cancelled
26.04.201309:00 - 11:00S8


  • PAR_BA Bildnerisches Gestalten 4 (SS 13, bewertet)