3503522: Communication in Architecture

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Semester:SS 13
Type:Lecture / Exercise
Scheduled in semester:6
Semester Hours per Week / Contact Hours:24.0 L / 18.0 h
Self-directed study time:27.0 h

Module coordination/Lecturers


Bachelor's degree programme in Architecture (01.09.2008)


Communication concepts and theories
Methods for presenting ideas, concepts, models and designs
Negotiation strategies and conflict management
Stress and emotional control techniques and skills

Lecture Goals

The purpose of Communication in Architecture is to teach students to clearly and effectively communicate their concepts, ideas, plans and designs in an appropriate manner. Students will present in formal settings, as well as in informal, spontaneous opportunities that often materialize. The fundamentals of verbal and nonverbal communication will be taught and practiced. Students will learn how to negotiate with clients, colleagues, and collaborators as well as how to mediate successfully between different individuals or groups. Performing under pressure in various situations will be a theme throughout the course.

Learning Outcomes

Ability todiscuss concepts and ideas with clents, colleagues, collaborators etc.
Ability to give clear, well-structured and effective presentations
Ability to negotiate with clients, politicians, etc.
Ability to mediate disputes between parties
Ability to function effectively in stressful situations

Lectures Method

Presentations , Discussions, Role Plays, Lectures

Admission Requirements

Die Module des Bachelor-Studiengangs sind konsekutiv (aufeinander aufbauend).

  • Die Module Theorie I, II und III müssen erfolgreich abgeschlossen sein.
  • Es wird empfohlen die Module Theorie IV und V vorher zu belegen.


Text, Articles, Film

Exam Modalities

In Class Presentations throughout the semester
Participation in Discussion and Class Activities


Die Lehrveranstaltungen muss mit einer genügenden Note bestanden werden (Mindestnote 4.0).
Die Modulnote wird aus den gewichteten Teilnoten der einzelnen Lehrveranstaltungen errechnet:

Architekturgeschichte 6 25%
Landschaftsarchitektur 2 25%
1. Wahlfach GTG 25%
2. Wahlfach GTG 25%


18.02.201313:30 - 16:45S8
04.03.201313:30 - 16:45S1
25.03.201313:30 - 16:45S8
22.04.201313:30 - 16:45S1
06.05.201313:30 - 16:45S1
27.05.201313:30 - 16:45S1


  • PAR_BA Communication in Architecture (SS 13, bewertet)