3907922: Sustainable Construction Processes

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Semester:SS 15
Scheduled in semester:1 - 4
Semester Hours per Week / Contact Hours:16.0 L / 12.0 h
Self-directed study time:48.0 h

Module coordination/Lecturers


Master's degree programme in Architecture (01.09.2014)


"Sustainable Construction Processes" identifies key parameters and factors to be considered to guarantee a sustainable construction process. Resources, sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, assembly and materiality are among the themes to be explored and to be put into relation to one another.

Learning Outcomes

Professional competence

  • Differentiate between individual parameters of sustainable construction processes
  • Understand their interdependence and sequencing
  • Show confidence in analysing case studies and the ability to infer principles and motivations
  • Explain competently, discuss and critique own work through oral presentations, writing or visual communication

Methodological competence
  • Identify key elements of problems and choose appropriate methods for their resolution in a considered manner
  • Apply given tools/ methods accurately and carefully to a well-defined problem

Social competence
  • Discuss and articulate ideas and information fluently
  • Demonstrate the ability to work with other students for assignments, exercises, experiments, presentations etc


Lectures Method

Lecture and seminar: case studies, discourse, writing


  • Haus Rauch / The Rauch Haus, Dezember 2010von Otto Kapfinger (Herausgeber), Axel Simon (Herausgeber), Martin Rauch (Autor), Roger Boltshauser
  • Baumschlager Eberle. Annäherungen / Approaches, Gert Walden, Springer Verlag Wien-New York, 2010
  • Architektur hat Bestand, Architecture sustains. Baumschlager EberleMilli Reasürans T.A.S., Kunstgalerie, Jörg Meißner, Gert Walden Katalog, Eigenverlag, Istanbul, 2009

Exam Modalities

Portfolio, exercises, minimum 75% mandatory




31.03.15: Excursion: 9:00, Dietmar Eberle, Lustenau, Austria
14.04.15: Excursion: 9:00, Martin Rauch, Schlins, Austria
29.04.15: Excursion: 9:00, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
19.05.15: Excursion: 12:30, ev. Berardo Bader / Renate Breuss, Austria


  • PAR MA 14_Sustainable Construction Processes (SS 15, in Planung)