4307828: Architecture, Globalisation and Heritage

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Semester:SS 17
Scheduled in semester:1 - 4
Semester Hours per Week / Contact Hours:16.0 L / 12.0 h
Self-directed study time:48.0 h

Module coordination/Lecturers


Master's degree programme in Architecture (01.09.2014)


Each building, even the most innovative, is built in a context, is an adaptation of a topography, a transformation of an existing spatiality and culture. Architecture is always made as addition to something, the tabula rasa remains a fascinating metaphor. However, each new intervention transforms the given context and culture and makes a new one. So, what is domestic and what foreign in architecture? What common grounds are possible? Which role play conventions, expectations and cultural exchanges in architecture?

Lecture Goals

The module emphasises on exploring the critical relationship between global influences and regional building contexts the architect is confronted with today. It explores concepts such as identity, heritage, the vernacular and the global, adaption and transformation in relation to architecture and urban design, and thus debates the role the architect plays in contributing to a building culture.

Learning Outcomes

· Recognise complexity of globalisation including its social, political and environmental consequences

· Demonstrate ability to deal with heritage in a professional and careful manner
· Show confidence in analysing case studies and the ability to infer principles and motivations
· Explain competently, discuss and critique own work through oral presentations, writing or visual

Methodological competence
· Identify key elements of problems and choose appropriate methods for their resolution in a
considered manner

Social competence
· Discuss and articulate ideas and information fluently
· Demonstrate the ability to work with other students for assignments, exercises, experiments,
presentations etc.

Personal competence
· Assess own work and put it into a historical, theoretical, cultural and social context.


Lectures Method

Lecture and seminar: case studies, discourse, writing


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Kenneth Frampton: Studies in Tectonic Culture, MIT 2001
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Sang Lee, Ruth Baumeister: The Domestic and the Foreign in Architecture, 010 Publisher 2007

Exam Modalities



  • PAR MA 14_Architecture, Globalisation and Heritage (SS 17, in Planung)