4007918: Design Seminar: Israel

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Semester:WS 15/16
Scheduled in semester:1 - 4
Semester Hours per Week / Contact Hours:56.0 L / 42.0 h
Self-directed study time:18.0 h

Module coordination/Lecturers


Master's degree programme in Architecture (01.09.2008)
Master's degree programme in Architecture (01.09.2014)


During an intensive weekly workshop it enables students to further deepen their knowledge of an issue addressed in the project studios and/ or conduct excursions to places and sites addressed in their design project.

Learning Outcomes

Professional competence

  • Execute complex defined and self-defined projects of research, development or investigation and identify and implement relevant outcomes.
  • Communicate and articulate ideas and information fluently in English language and work comprehensively in visual, oral and written forms.
  • Make formal presentations about specialist topics to informed audiences.
  • Exercise autonomy and initiative in carrying out set project briefs and self-directed programmes of study.
  • Demonstrate ability to manage time and physical resources in relation to set project briefs and self-directed programmes of study as an individual and a group member.
  • Show confidence in analysing case studies and the ability to infer principles and motivations.

Methodological competence
  • Apply a variety of design- and research methods and visualization and production techniques
  • Have knowledge of scientific or artistic methods within an interdisciplinary context

Social competence
  • Explain competently, discuss and critique own work through oral presentations, writing or visual communication
  • Lead a team and assume responsibility
  • Demonstrate the ability to work with other students for assignments, exercises, experiments, presentations etc

Personal competence
  • Gain confidence in own role, and the persuasive and accountable manner in which it is expected to be performed.


Lectures Method

Intensive seminar week: excursion, exercises, experiment, research, writing, visualising, modelling, presenting, case study, peer feedback


Literature lists are issued and updated each semester

Exam Modalities

Presentation, portfolio, participation, minimum 75% mandatory presence


  • PAR MA 14_Design Seminar: Isarel (WS 15/16, in Planung)