3506661: Enterprise Systems - Lecture

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Semester:SS 13
Scheduled in semester:4
Semester Hours per Week / Contact Hours:30.0 L / 22.5 h
Self-directed study time:97.5 h

Module coordination/Lecturers


Bachelor's degree programme in Business Information Systems (01.10.2008)
Bachelor's degree programme in Business Administration (01.09.2012)


  • Benefits of Enterprise Systems
  • Life-Cycle of Enterprise Systems (esp. design and implementation, success factors, knowledge transfer, and training)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (especially in the area of Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Procurement, Manufacturing, and Sales and Distribution).
  • Customer Relationship Management (esp. Strategies in CRM, Tools and Methods, components of CRM systems).
  • Supply Chain Management (Logistics, Warehousing)
  • Latest technological developments (esp. In-Memory-Computing, Cloud-Computing, Mobile Devices)


    • are able to replicate fundamental concepts and definitions in in the area of Enterprise Systems, especially application systems like ERP, CRM, SCM systems.
    • understand the benefits of integrated enterprise systems for sustainable competitive advantage. Furthermore, they describe the importance of Enterprise Systems for process integration along the value chain.
    • solve assignments in the field of Enterprise Systems, especially case studies in the area of manufacturing and service delivery.
    • identify connections between types of application systems. They compare solutions with regard to their value contribution.
    • model an implementation process for successful adoption of an Enterprise System by an organization.
    • evaluate and choose suitable software solutions for organizations. They classify different solutions according to complex evaluation schemes and enable a thorough argumentation for the decision process.
    • covered in exercise
    • covered in exercise
    • covered in exercise

Lectures Method



  • Laudon, K. C., Laudon, J. P. (2011): Management Information Systems, 12th edition, Pearson Education: Old Tappan.
  • Shanks, G., Seddon P., Willcocks, L.P. (2003): Second Wave Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, Cambridge Press: Cambridge.
  • Additional material is provided in the course

Exam Modalities

Final Exam (written)


21.02.201312:45 - 14:15S2
28.02.201312:45 - 14:15S2
07.03.201312:45 - 14:15S2
14.03.201312:45 - 14:15S2
21.03.201312:45 - 14:15S2
28.03.201312:45 - 14:15S2
11.04.201312:45 - 14:15S2
18.04.201312:45 - 14:15S2
25.04.201312:45 - 14:15S2
02.05.201312:45 - 14:15S2
16.05.201312:45 - 14:15S2
23.05.201312:45 - 14:15S1


  • PWW-BA-12_Enterprise Systems - VO (SS 13, bewertet)
  • PWW-BA-12_Enterprise Systems - VO (WS 13/14, bewertet)