3503512: Information Management

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Semester:SS 13
Scheduled in semester:5
Semester Hours per Week / Contact Hours:60.0 L / 45.0 h
Self-directed study time:105.0 h

Module coordination/Lecturers


Bachelor's degree programme in Business Information Systems (01.10.2008)

Learning Outcomes

After having attended the lecture students should be able to explain the importance of the resource "information" in today's business world. They should be able to name the key concepts and definitions of the field, outline the major information management task (i.e., managing information economics, managing information systems, managing information and communication technology, and information management governance), and illustrate these with examples.

After having participated in the seminar students should be able to describe prominent frameworks and methods to solve typical information management tasks. Moreover, they should have developed basic skills in applying these tools to practical problems.


Lectures Method

Interactive classroom lectures, case studies, online excercises


The following conditions need to be met prior to registering for the module exam:

  • successful completion of all first year full-time programme modules

For students who started their studies in 2008:
  • succesful completion of the module "Communication in English for Business"
or, alternatively,
  • BEC II certificate

For students starting their studies in 2009:
  • succesful completion of the module "Communication in English for Business"

Exam Modalities

Final, written exam (60%) and continous assignments (40%).


Das Modul wird aus Lehrveranstaltungen des BWL-Curriculums gebildet. Es gilt die SPO für BWL (C12).