3906598: Econonomic Perspectives on Sustainable Development

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Semester:SS 15
Scheduled in semester:6
Semester Hours per Week / Contact Hours:60.0 L / 45.0 h
Self-directed study time:135.0 h

Module coordination/Lecturers


Bachelor's degree programme in Business Administration (01.09.2012)


Starting with a short history, the course introduces the principles, concepts and driving forces of sustainable development as well as factors militating against it. The course proceeds to draw on insights from institutional and environmental economics, gender studies and economic sociology to unravel the multiple issues of sustainability and its relevance for key players. Particular emphasis will be laid on the role of innovation and diverse economic and political agents to redefine economic goals and formulate strategies for sustainability.
In summary, the course will enable students to debate critically the economic and technological dimensions and institutional imperatives of sustainable development. It will also enable them to evaluate the changes that industrial development and technological advancement have brought about to the way of life and the environment, and how such changes can be channeled through different institutional set-ups and governance towards more sustainability.

The course is designed on the basis of collaborative learning that involves a high degree of interaction among students to clarify their own understanding, build upon each other's contributions, sift out meanings, ask and answer questions.


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Admission Requirements

Research Methods

  • Research Design, Systematic Literature Research, Grounded Theory, Triangulation
  • Theoretical Foundations of Neoclassical Microeconomic Approaches (e.g. Consumer Preferences, Price Setting)
  • Macro-Economic Policies , Gross Domestic Product
International Economics
  • Instruments of Trade Policy
  • Regression Analysis (Linear Regression)


The following conditions need to be met prior to registering for the module:
Successful completion of English I