4206686: Systems Analysis and Design - Lecture

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Semester:WS 16/17
Scheduled in semester:5
Semester Hours per Week / Contact Hours:30.0 L / 22.5 h
Self-directed study time:97.5 h

Module coordination/Lecturers


Bachelor's degree programme in Business Administration (01.09.2012)


  • Foundations of software engineering
  • Introduction to programming (learning environments Scratch and Greenfoot)
  • Relational data modeling (Entity-Relationship Models (ERM), Structured Query Language (SQL), Relational Databases)
  • Object-oriented systems modeling (Object Orientation, Unified Modeling Language (UML))
  • Best practices of software engineering and programming
  • Case studies


    • reproduce concepts and methods of software engineering, relational modeling, object-oriented modeling, and programming
    • Describe and explain methods of software engineering, modeling and programming
    • apply methods for solving tasks in a goal-oriented way
    • compare and contrast methods based on different criteria and paradigms (e.g., relational vs. object-oriented modeling)
    • develop complex solutions by combining multiple methods
    • evaluate approaches in terms of their appropriateness for different application scenarios
    • application of the learned methods is done in the exercise

Lectures Method

Vorlesung mit interaktiven Elementen


Elmasri, R.; Navathe, S. (2010): Fundamentals of Database Systems, Prentice Hall International.
Downey, A. (2013): Think Python - how to think like a computer scientist, Greenteapress. (http://www.greenteapress.com/thinkpython/thinkpython.html)

Exam Modalities

  • written examination


07.10.201608:15 - 19:00S1
21.10.201608:15 - 11:15S1
02.12.201608:15 - 19:00C.119


  • PWW-BA-12_Systems Analysis and Design - VO (WS 16/17, bewertet)
  • PWW-BA-12_Systems Analysis and Design - VO (SS 17, bestätigt)