4704664: Research Methods in Entrepreneurship and Management

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Semester:SS 19
Scheduled in semester:2
Semester Hours per Week / Contact Hours:40.0 L / 30.0 h
Self-directed study time:120.0 h

Module coordination/Lecturers


Doctoral degree programme in Business Economics (01.09.2008)


Besides a more in-depth knowledge in epistemology doctoral students in entrepreneurship and management research require an applicable base of research methods and tools.

The course will cover the following topics:
Epistemology in entrepreneurship and management research
Research design and the use of theoryResearch questions and hypotheses
Quantitative methods
Qualitative methods
Mixed method procedures
Transdisciplinary research

Learning Outcomes

  • The students will be able to clearly understand and communicate the epistemological underpinning of their research work, differentiate between different schools of thought, design research, processes corresponding to their research questions, select suitable qualitative and quantitative research methods, evaluate their own research with respect to validity, reliability and generalisability


Lectures Method

Participant centered learning approach consisting of individual paper development workshops

Admission Requirements



  • Selected Required Readings (a full reader will uploaded on moodle):J. W. Cresswell (2009). Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Method Approaches. Thousand Oaks, California, Sage Publications Inc. (preferably the whole book)P. Johnson and J. Duberley (2000). Understanding Management Reserach. London, SAGE Publications. Chapter 1+8K. M. Eisenhardt and M. E. Graebner (2007). "Theory Building from Cases: Opportunities and Challenges." Academy of Management Journal 50(1): 25-32.A. F. Chalmers (1999). What is this thing called science?: an assessment of the nature and status of science and its methods. St. Lucia, University of Queensland Press. Selected chapters.M. Easterby-Smith, R. Thorpe, et al. (2008). Management Research: Theory and Practice. London, Sage Publications ltd.

Exam Modalities

  • The students will be assessed in this module through:Paper; ready to be submitted to a scientific conference (e.g. AOM) or journal.


For all organizational details please get in touch with Dr. Ferdinand Thies (ferdinand.thies@uni.li).


  • PWW-DS_Research Methods in Entrepreneurship and Management (SS 19, in Bewertung)