4004374: Corporate governance, ethics and leadership

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Semester:WS 15/16
Scheduled in semester:3
Semester Hours per Week / Contact Hours:38.0 L / 28.5 h
Self-directed study time:121.5 h

Module coordination/Lecturers


Master's degree programme in Banking and Financial Management (01.10.2008)


  • Dimensions of Corporate Governance
  • Practice of Right of Control by Various Actors
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Financial Remuneration for Managers
  • Role and Responsibility of Institutions (Accounting, State)
  • Corporate Governance in Financial Services Undertakings
  • Empirical Investigations of Corporate Governance
  • Ethical Requirements in Investment Management
  • Professional Standards in Investment Management, e.g. in Connection with Non-Public Information, Obligations to Customers and Employers, Dealing with Conflict of Interest

Lecture Goals

After completion of the module, the students have at their command in-depth knowledge in the area of Corporate Governance. They are able to illustrate diverse enticement scenarios and thus are able to explain the actions of various actors. Furthermore, they can identify the occurrence of conflicts of interest and integrate various leadership styles in their dealings and are knowledgeable concerning the management of employees and business development.

They are able to infer from them the resulting institutions, guidelines and laws and to integrate them into the parameters of financial service undertakings. In addition, they are familiar with the distinct potential for conflict of interest in investment management, but they understand the ethical and professional demands on a professional investor with respect to customers and employers.


Lectures Method

Interactive lecture, case studies

Admission Requirements


Exam Modalities

  • Written examination with 90 minutes editing time (50%)
  • Assignment (25%)
  • Presentation (including active participation during lecture) (25%)
  • Obligatory class participation


Web-based online evaluation upon completion of module


  • PWW-MA_Corporate Governance, Ethics and Leadership (WS 15/16, bewertet)
  • PWW-MA_Corporate Governance, Ethics and Leadership (SS 16, bewertet)