3904074: Capital markets, institutions and regulation

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Semester:SS 15
Scheduled in semester:2
Semester Hours per Week / Contact Hours:24.0 L / 18.0 h
Self-directed study time:57.0 h

Module coordination/Lecturers


Master's degree programme in Banking and Financial Management (01.10.2008)


  • Function of Financial Markets
  • Financial Intermediaries
  • Regulation of the Financial System
  • Central Banking
  • Monetary Policy
  • Money Market
  • Capital Markets
  • Banking Regulation
  • Regulation of Venture Capital Firms, Finance Companies, and Financial Conglomerates
  • Investment Banks, Brokerage Firms and Mutual Funds

Learning Outcomes

  • Describing financial market functions
  • Explaining the financial intermediation concept
  • Justifying financial market and bank regulation
  • Illustrating monetary policy measures of central banks
  • Comparing bank management forms
  • Differentiating particular institutions on the finance market



Required reading:

  • Saunders and Cornett: Financial Markets and Institutions, International edition 2012


Lecture slides and additional literature will be available on moodle

Exam Modalities

  • Written examination with 90 minutes editing time (30 minutes dedicated to lecture provided by Prof. Dr. Zetsche and 60 minutes dedicated to lecture provided by Prof. Dr. Vigano)


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