3808004: 2nd Renewable Energy Finance Dialogue Liechtenstein

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Semester:WS 14/15
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Master's degree programme in Banking and Financial Management (01.10.2008)


This year’s Renewable Energy Finance Dialogue is themed with “Opportunities and Risks of the Energy Transition”. We want to analyze the diverse implications of the energy transition and give participants the opportunity to discuss directly with the speakers.

After an introduction into the importance of Energy and Climate Policy for Small States, we will discuss the political and economic implication of the German Energy Transition. This is followed by the question whether the 2000W Society is indeed more than just a dream. Energy transition also brings fears about energy blackout. Thus, for the future, we need an optimal mix of renewable and conventional energies. Finally, energy transition will be investigated for the financial implication on local purchasing power.

The Renewable Energy Finance Dialogue Liechtenstein is a platform for practitioners, students and other interested parties. With the Dialogue we want to support activities to position Liechtenstein as a competence center in sustainability. The aim is a transfer of knowledge on Renewable Energy Finance from experts to the public, enable exchange of ideas, create new combinations and give the country a new impetus. We want to foster innovations in finance to support innovations in renewable energies.

We are proud to announce that this year's Renewable Energy Finance Dialogue is realized under the auspices of the Deputy Head of Government, Dr. Thomas Zwiefelhofer. This further underpins the relevance of this subject matter for Liechtenstein.



23.10.201413:30 - 17:15