Lifelong Learning

The University of Liechtenstein serves as a factory for thinking, a place where research and instruction are inspiring, exciting and challenging, where students develop a hunger for lifelong learning.

Lifelong learning is a basic requirement for long-term success and a personal investment in the future. The University of Liechtenstein considers continuing education to be a central responsibility in its strategy. The continuing education programmes set themselves apart through

  • solid theoretical instruction
  • market orientation
  • applicability to professional practice 
  • at the University, continuing education means more than mere conveying of knowledge.

Individuals are encouraged to help shape society and business through their abilities and skills. In the programmes, particular value is therefore placed on imparting soft skills, innovative abilities and networked thinking.

The multifaceted offerings include executive master’s and university programmes, symposiums and conferences as well as lectures and seminars. In addition, we continually address timely issues and demands relating to business and society, thereby constantly supplementing our programme.