Continuing education in Architecture

The School of Architecture offers professionals in the areas of architecture, construction, related professional areas and other interested parties an outstanding supra-regional opportunity for continuing professional education. The goal of the continuing education programme is to give individual interest groups access to specific, market-driven and practice-oriented learning on a lifelong and part-time basis.

Building management

Various university courses on building management form the core of the continuing education offerings. The University Liechtenstein is the regional leader in continuing education pertaining to building management and organises its courses with the benefit of long-time experience. Since building management is interdisciplinary at the present time, the University Liechtenstein works together in other areas with competent partners from the entire region.

Contemporary architecture

Supplementary to the university courses, lectures with didactic, cultural and professional focuses such as seminars, talks and exhibits are offered, reflecting the central aim of establishing and cultivating the University Liechtenstein’s role as a place for discussing current issues relating to the contemporary architecture scene and building industry.

Coordination of Construction Work

Since 1 March 2003, the Construction Coordination Act (BauKG) pertaining to the coordination of security and health measures for construction workers in Liechtenstein has been in effect. Property owners, planners, construction supervisors and construction workers must observe and comply with these specifications.


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