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The demand and the request for "life-long learning" are obvious. The Institute of Business Information Systems at the University of Liechtenstein is the leading knowledge pool in this area and meets the daily challenges of our society and work environments. With our continous education programs we ensure the continuous development of individual knowledge and skills.

Our programs of study are developed during an active dialogue with well-known representatives from business, administration and industry and are accomplished with a strong focus on personal development and professional carreer within an international environment. This approach offers to us as an university preferred access to brilliant and exciting students who seek for additional competences and strive for enhancing their position in the labour market.

Our methods and didactics always focus on the "learning individual" - therefore learning is not just "fun" but also results in excellent learning outcomes.

The continuing education program of the Institute of Business Information Systems covers a broad range of university seminars, 1 day courses, conferences and workshops. Additionally we offer tailor-made inhouse trainings that are developed in close connection with our customers.