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Convention of Building Culture 2024

On June 19 and 20, 2024, building professionals from all over Germany gathered in Potsdam for the "Convention of Building Culture". This year's workshops and discussions will focus on the conversion, expansion and design of infrastructure.

Dr. Wolfgang Schwarzmann, Craft & Structure, Liechtenstein School of Architecture, took part in the Convention of Building Culture as a speaker on the topic of "Knowledgeable building materials and craftsmanship". In his lecture entitled "Simple building - 5 suggestions for a low-threshold introduction", he presented examples using the "Werkraum Häuschen". The Werkraum Häuschen was part of Wolfgang Schwarzmann's doctoral thesis and also part of the FFF project "Digital Masters" at the Liechtenstein School of Architecture.

Another focus of the Convention of Baukultur was building heritage, which is also a high priority at the Liechtenstein School of Architecture: "Maintaining, renovating and expanding existing infrastructure is the task of our time," says Reiner Nagel, Chairman of the Board of the Federal Foundation of Baukultur. "Roads, wind and hydroelectric power plants or switch boxes are never purely functional - they also have a social and aesthetic component: Infrastructures shape spaces and people. The way schools, hospitals, bridges and sidewalks are designed has an impact on us. This is where we can make a positive impact with Baukultur in order to actively shape an environment worth living in, in which people are at the center." The event was extremely well attended politically and therefore provided an excellent platform for the Liechtenstein School of Architecture.