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A festive atmosphere at the open day

On Saturday, the University of Liechtenstein celebrated the open day “Dies Academicus” (University Day). All interested parties and friends of the university were invited to get to know the campus.

At the Dies Academicus, visitors were able to follow the history of the university at an exhibition in the foyer and to get to know the university during guided tours. The highlight of the day was a ceremony accompanied by music, during which honours and prizes were awarded. After the welcome address from the university's rector, Jürgen Brücker, Michael Hilti gave a speech in which he spoke about the strength of the business location and how important it is to regard the changes brought about by digitisation as an opportunity. The University of Liechtenstein plays an important role here, and Michael Hilti announced that the Martin Hilti Foundation would support the Institute of Information Systems with an additional chair, the Hilti Chair in Data and Application Security.

Honorary senator and honorary doctor

Princely Councillor Hans Brunhart became the second honorary senator of the University of Liechtenstein, an honour bestowed on him by Volker Rheinberger, a member of the University Council, and Stefan Güldenberg, the chairman of the senate of the University of Liechtenstein. Hans Brunhart has significantly and sustainably shaped the development from an evening technical school with around 60 students in 1984, to a higher education college with around 250 students and more than 700 advanced training participants in 1993. With his courage, vision and commitment, he laid the foundations for the further development into a university and is still closely connected to it today.

The honorary doctorate of the University of Liechtenstein was awarded by Rector Jürgen Brücker to Prof. Dr. Steve H. Hanke, Professor of Applied Economics and co-director of the Institute for Applied Economics, Global Health, and the Study of Business Enterprise at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Hanke is a very well-known currency and commodity trader and was a consultant to governments around the world in monetary matters for over twenty years. In 1998, he was listed as one of the world's 25 most influential people by the World Trade Magazine.

Liechtenstein Award for Young Researchers 

On University Day, the research prize for young researchers at the University of Liechtenstein was also awarded. The 10,000 franc prize is awarded annually and aims to encourage promising young researchers to pursue a scientific career, to promote research in areas relevant to Liechtenstein, and to strengthen Liechtenstein as a centre of research. Dominique Gantenbein, Education Minister of the Principality of Liechtenstein, and Prof. Dr. Jan vom Brocke, Vice-Rector for Research, awarded the prize to the young researchers Vera Kaps, Celina Martinez, Helge Mensching and Jörn von Grabe for their outstanding achievements.

Mentoring Award

The students’ union of the University of Liechtenstein also gave an award: the students presented Jeannette Risch, Architecture Course Director, with the special Mentoring Award. The students used a survey to decide who should win the award. Philip Schatzmann, a member of the student union explained that Jeannette Risch received the award because “for years, she has always been friendly and open to all students and provides great support and encouragement for the students, particularly during exam periods”. 

University Day – Dies Academicus was rounded off with an enjoyable get-together with traditional sausage and bread.