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A visit from Washington

Once again this year, five U.S. congressional staff members made sure that they visited the university on the occasion of their trip to Liechtenstein.

Peter Staub, Bart Massey, Patrick Knörzer, Ann Marie Hauser, Monica Popp, Janelle Relfe, Matthew Keller, Trudi Ackermann und Daniel Batliner (Foto: Michael Zanghellini)

On Tuesday, 22 August, Professor Peter Staub, Director of the Institute of Architecture and Planning, and Trudi Ackermann, Head of the International Office, welcomed the guests in the company of Matthew Keller, Senior Advisor at the Liechtenstein Embassy in Washington, DC.

The visit of the “congressional staffers” has already become something of a tradition – the guests from Washington come to the university every two years. During a tour of the university together with DDr. Patrick Knörzer, Chair for Tax Management and the Laws of Liechtenstein and International Taxation, they were given an insight into the study programmes of the faculties of architecture and business administration and the development of the university and its significance for the educational location Liechtenstein.