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Biennale exhibition "Ewaste – Burden and Treasure" in Liechtenstein

The exhibition "Ewaste Last and Treasure" showed the invisible bond between Liechtenstein and Ghana, which changes living spaces, social spaces and social structures through actions in this country. Curated by Alberto Alessi, the exhibition by the Liechtenstein School of Architecture was shown at the 18th Venice Biennale last year and can be seen at the Küefer-Martis-Huus in Ruggell from Tuesday, April 16 until May 5.

"There is no such thing as 'gone'. When we throw something away, it has to go somewhere," said US critic Annie Leonard, who is best known for her online documentary "The Story of Stuff" about the life cycle of goods and services. Mikel Martinez and Katrin Milanzi, together with Gabriela Dimitrova, explored precisely this "path" - as well as the path of electronic waste - and presented the results of their work around the former Agbogbloshie garbage dump in the capital Accra in Ghana.

Liechtenstein and Ghana are connected, even if this is unconscious on both sides. It is difficult to understand these connections, but the effects are visible on both sides. In Ghana, e-waste causes disease and poverty, but provides many people with a livelihood through the recovery of recyclable materials. In Liechtenstein, these recyclable materials have to be sourced again.

This topic is presented on two levels in the exhibition at the Küefer-Martis-Haus in Ruggell - a physical and haptic one and a virtual one. Both levels are linked together using tablets and are interactive for the viewer. Various statistics and topics on Liechtenstein and Ghana can be called up at will.

Exhibition opening
Manuel Frick, Minister for Society and Culture in the Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein, Christian Frommelt, Rector of the University of Liechtenstein, Daniel Stockhammer, Dean of the LSA Liechtenstein School of Architecture and Alberto Alessi, curator of the exhibition, LSA Liechtenstein School of Architecture, will speak at the opening of the exhibition on Tuesday, April 16, 6 pm.