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First Architecture PhD Spring Workshop by UniLI and USI

As the world grapples with the mounting challenges of climate change, resource extraction, and social inequalities, architecture is advancing as an academic discipline.

In the past, PhDs in architecture were rare, but contemporary times are witnessing a scientific shift in architectural studies. This corresponds with a design turn in the social sciences. However, conceiving, structuring, and implementing a long-term research project poses significant challenges for every young scholar. Collaborating with peers provides an invaluable source of inspiration, helping to overcome obstacles, sustain the endurance needed for large projects, and enhance problem-solving skills by assisting others with their challenges.

For the first time, the architecture faculties of the Universität Liechtenstein and the Università della Svizzera Italiana have conducted a joint PhD spring workshop on April 19th and 20th in Vaduz. Ten young scholars engaged in various forms of discussion, writing, and exchange to develop their PhD theses. The workshop focused on familiarizing participants with each other’s topics and the common challenges faced during PhD studies. Key areas such as Methods & Methodology, Literature Review, and Text Structuring emerged as focal points, which will be explored in more detail during a forthcoming session in Ticino in early July. This workshop offers PhD candidates in architecture substantial time to articulate their projects and address challenges in collaboration with peers and under the guidance of young postdoctoral researchers.

Organizing and Teaching-Team

  • Johannes Herburger, Uni Liechtenstein
  • Mosè Cometta, USI
  • Giulia Scotto, USI