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Graduation Ceremony April 2019

At the graduation ceremony of the University of Liechtenstein on Friday, 5 April 2019, two doctorates were awarded and 59 graduates of the University of Liechtenstein received their Bachelor's and Master's degrees. In addition, six graduates received awards for outstanding achievements.


UNI-FL_8800.jpgRector ad interim Prof. Peter Staub

Rector ad interim Prof. Peter Staub and the respective heads of studies and doctoral supervisors awarded the graduates with their academic degrees in the fields of architecture and economics. In her speech, Dr. Verena Konrad, Member of the University Council of the University of Liechtenstein and Director of the vai Vorarlberger Architektur Institut, said: «Acquiring knowledge is one thing. Much more important is how you use this knowledge and what you are committed to with your skills. Intellectual greatness lies in the ability to question, to critically reflect on your environment and your own actions. To support you in this growth has been the task of this university to this day. We wish you companions on your way who will help you to grow further and the strength to do the same for others.»


Speaker Dr. Verena Konrad


Exceptional performance

Six graduates were awarded prizes by Liechtenstein companies and associations for their outstanding achievements.

Awards in Architecture

The LIA, the Liechtenstein Association of Engineers and Architects, traditionally awards prizes to the best graduates of the Bachelor's and Master's programmes in architecture.  Simon Johann Westreicher was awarded for the bachelor's degree and Stefan Amann for the master's degree.


f.l.t.r.: Barbara Dillenkofer-Keppler (LIA), Stefan AmannSimon Johann Westreicher, Prof. Dr. Marco Menichetti

Prices for Economics

The foundation "Förderung des technischen Nachwuchses" of Hilti AG honoured the most innovative diploma theses from the bachelor and master degree courses in economics, as in previous years. Ahlem Hamzic received the award for the Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. The prize in the area of master's courses went to Flynn Werner (master's course Information Systems).

UNI-FL_0817.jpgf.l.t.r.: Martina Hafner-Höfle (Hilti AG), Flynn WernerAhlem Hamzic, Prof. Dr. Marco Menichetti


The Liechtenstein Bankers Association (LBV) awards the best average of all modules from the Bachelor's degree programme in Business Administration with a focus on financial services as well as from the Master's degree programme in Finance. Michael Vogelsberger received the award for the bachelor's degree. Julian Baur received the award in the Master's programme.


f.l.t.r.: Dr. Hans Werner Gassner (LBV), Julian BaurMichael Vogelsberger, Prof. Dr. Marco Menichetti



At this year's graduation ceremony, two female students were awarded a doctorate. 

Doctoral degrees in Economics and in Architecture and Planning

 Doktorantin_0763.jpgDr. Wiebke Szymcak und Dr. Vera Kaps (f.l.)

In the field of economics Wiebke Szymcak received her doctorate with the title magna cum laude in Business Economics for her dissertation «Mind over matter, or matter over mind? - Selected experiments on the normative claims of neoclassical icons in light of behavioral realism», her supervisor is Prof. Dr. Michael Hanke.

In the field of architecture and spatial development, Vera Kaps received a doctorate with the distinction summa cum laude for her dissertation «IDENTITÄTEN PLANEN - Praktiken als Bestandteil aktuellen Schweizer Identitätskonstruktion; der Konzeptwettbewerb zur Schweizer Landesausstellung Expo2027» (IDENTITÄTEN PLANEN - Praktiken als Bestandteil aktuellen Schweizer Identitätskonstruktion; the concept competition for the Swiss national exhibition Expo2027), her supervisor being Prof. Peter A. Staub, Dipl. AA MSc LSE.


Graduates by course of study

Ba-Arch_0726.jpgGraduates Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Bachelor of Science in Architecture
Volkan Altin
Julia Beck
Julia Franziska Beck
Pascal Büchel
Julia Forrer
Miriam Frei
Livia Audrey Herle
Ewelina Malgorzata Langer
Julia Mair
Haris Memic
Lino Oliver Konrad Nägele
Albert Paletta
Anne-Lea Sophie Pfistner
Fabio Michael Schober
Patrick Stroehle
Simon Johann Westreicher
Zeynep Yayla


Ba-Betrieb_0737.jpgGraduates Bachelor of Science in Betriebswirtschaftslehre

Bachelor of Science in Betriebswirtschaftslehre
Ali Fuat Bayrak
Diana Daskalov
Ahlem Hamzic
 Julia Heppler
Maria Klien
Sasa Malesevic
Marvin Matzig
Kiriakos Alexander Miskakis
Aleksandar Orozovic
Antonia Ida Pipal
Valentin Schuster
Leonard Jakob Sieben
Michael Franz Vogelsberger
Latif Yildirim


Ma-Arch_0744.jpgGraduates Master of Science in Architecture

Master of Science in Architecture
Sultan Al Zadjali 
Peter Amann 
Stefan Amann 
Gilles Alex Pierre Amberg 
Laura Bagdonaite 
Débora Cristina Carvalho Rezende 
Kateryna Dyma 
Nadine Frinzl 
Olga Ivakina 
Michael Kutzer 
Ennio Enea Lardi 
Samuel Loke 
Drizona Maçani 
Bahareh Mazaheri 
Dmytro Palamarchuk 
Philip Aaron Schatzmann 
Urszula Aleksandra Sedziak 
Oleksandra Telenkova 


Ma-Finance_0752.jpgGraduates Master of Science in Finance

Master of Science in Finance
Julian Baur 
Fabian Gutbrod 
Tian Luan 
Artur Maibach 


Ma-Information_8779.jpgGraduates Master of Science in Information Systems

Master of Science in Information Systems
Magdalena Eggarter 
Tomáš Grošup 
Phillip Wenig 
Flynn Werner 


Ma-Entrepreneur_0758.jpgGraduate Master of Science in Entrepreneurship

Master of Science in Entrepreneurship
Constantin Feichtinger 
Jonas Hammerschmidt (abwesend)