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Graduation ceremony with awards - March 2024

At the University of Liechtenstein's graduation ceremony on Friday, March 22, 2024, one doctorate was awarded and 49 graduates of the University of Liechtenstein received their diplomas. Awards for outstanding achievements were also presented to seven graduates.

In his welcoming address, Rector Dr. Christian Frommelt emphasized: "With your successful graduation, you have proven that you can adapt to completely unexpected challenges and perform at your best. With your resilience, you have the best prerequisites to make your way in our fast-paced world, regardless of whether you will be working in academia or in a company in the future."


Rektor Dr. Christian Frommelt

Dr. Thomas Nägele, LL.M., NÄGELE Rechtsanwälte GmbH, explained in his Keynote speech: "It takes the inner urge to find new solutions and the courage to try things out."


Keynote speaker Dr. Thomas Nägele, LL.M.

Rector Dr. Christian Frommelt and the respective course directors awarded the graduates their academic degrees in the fields of architecture and economics.

Doctorate in Architecture

At this year's graduation ceremony, a student from the Architecture department was awarded a doctorate:


f. l.: Dr. Christian Frommelt, Dr. Luis Gabriel Hilti and Prof. Dipl. Arch. ETH Michael Wagner

Luis Gabriel Hilti was awarded a doctorate with the grade "summa cum laude" for his dissertation "Imagined Territories: Design Principles for Transformative Urbanism", his PhD supervisor was Prof. Dr. Anne Brandl.

Exceptional performance

Seven graduates were honored for their outstanding achievements with prizes from Liechtenstein companies and associations.

Awards in the field of architecture

LIA, the Liechtenstein Association of Engineers and Architects, traditionally honors the best graduates of the Bachelor's and Master's degree courses in architecture. The award for the Bachelor's degree course went to Elena Gruber, while Sophia Döffinger received the award for the Master's degree course.


f. l.: Sophia Döffinger, Dipl. Ing. Barbara Dillenkofer-Keppler (LIA) and Elena Gruber 

Prizes for the economic sciences

As in previous years, Hilti AG's "Promotion of Young Technical Talent" foundation awarded prizes for the most innovative theses from the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in Business Administration. Carina Marxer received the award in the Bachelor's degree program in Business Administration. The prize in the Master's program went to Advije Rizvani (Business Information Systems).


f. l.: Advije Rizvani, Tobias Zangerl (Hilti AG) and Carina Marxer

The Liechtenstein Bankers Association (LBA) traditionally honors the best average of all modules from the Bachelor's degree course with a specialization in Financial Services (IFS) and from the Master's degree course in Finance. The award in the Bachelor's degree program was presented to Nicolas Baumann, while the award in the Master's degree program went to Dario Sinnesberger.
The LBV also awards a prize for an outstanding academic and practically relevant thesis. Tom Hermes received this award in the Master's degree course in Finance.


f. l.: Dario Sinnesberger, Dr. Hans-Werner Gassner (LBV), Tom Hermes and Nicolas Baumann

Student speeches

The student speeches by Valérie Winkelmann (Bachelor's degree in Architecture), Lennart Krebs (Master's degree in Entrepreneurship and Management) and Carlos Vazquez (Master's degree in Architecture) concluded the graduation ceremony.

f. l.: Lennart Krebs, Valérie Winkelmann and Carlos Vazquez


Graduates by study program


Graduates Bachelor of Science in Architecture



Graduates Bachelor of Science in Business Administration



Graduates Master of Science in Architecture



Graduate Master of Entrepreneurship und Management



Graduates Master of Science in Finance



Graduates Master of Science in Information Systems