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Graduation ceremony September 2016

On the occasion of the University of Liechtenstein’s Graduation Ceremony 2016, which was held on Friday, 30 September, 150 graduates of the university received their diplomas. The keynote speech on this special occasion was given by Hereditary Prince Alois of Liechtenstein, who stressed the contribution the graduates would be making to the good of society. At the same time prizes were awarded for exceptional achievements.

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Rector Klaus Näscher and the Chair of the University Senate, Professor Stefan Güldenberg, together with the academic directors of the various courses, conferred degrees in the faculties of Architecture and Economics on the students attending. In his welcoming speech, Klaus Näscher declared emphatically: ‘Successes, like failures and new beginnings, are natural happenings on your path through life. Just stick to the well-established rule – Get up one more time than you fall down! Doing the right thing often means just wanting to do it. So never give up, follow your inner compass, be courageous and do what is right for you.’

Rector Klaus Näscher

Hereditary Prince  Alois of Liechtenstein congratulated the successful graduates on completion of their courses, and stressed: ‘You have shown great persistence and commitment in achieving your degrees, and so established an excellent basis for your future careers. I hope that you will get a lot of happiness from putting into practice what you have learned from your studies, both to your own benefit and for the good of society.’ 

Keynote speaker Hereditary Prince  Alois of Liechtenstein

Exceptional achievements

A total of twelve graduates received prizes for outstanding performance from Liechtensteinian and Swiss companies and industrial associations.  

Prizes for Economics

As in previous years, the Hilti company’s Foundation for the Encouragement of Young Talent in the Technical Professions awarded prizes for the most innovative diploma theses on the BA and MA courses in the faculty of Economics. On the Bachelor’s degree programme in Business Adminstration, prizes were given to Moritz Preg and Christian Schemeth, who both achieved a thesis mark of 6.0. The prize on the Master’s degree programme in IT & Business Process Management went to Hanspeter Hasler from Schaan, who likewise achieved a superlative thesis mark of 6.0.

Dr. Martin Petry, Chief Information Officer, Hanspeter Hasler, Prof. Dr. Jan vom Brocke

Moritz Preg, Dr. Martin Petry, Chief Information Officer, Christian Schemeth, Prof. Dr. Jan vom Brocke

LBV, the Liechtenstein Bankers’ Association, awarded prizes for the best average in all modules of the Bachelor’s degree course in Business Administration and the Master’s degree course in Banking and Financial Management. These prizes were given to Claudio Lamprecht (BSc) with an average mark of 5.4, and to Christoph Lohrmann (MSc), who achieved an outstanding average mark of 5.9.

Adolf Real, Präsident LBV, Christoph Lohrmann, Prof. Dr. Jan vom Brocke

Adolf Real, Präsident LBV, Claudio Lamprecht, Prof. Dr. Jan vom Brocke

Prizes in the faculty of Architecture

LIA, the Liechtenstein Federation of Engineers and Architects, gave prizes to the best graduates on the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes in Architecture. On the Bachelor’s degree course the prize went to Tatjana Viola Probst, who achieved an average mark of 5.3. On the Master’s degree programme the prizewinner was Teresa Rädler, with the same average mark of 5.3.

Jon Ritter, Präsident LIA, Tatjana Viola Probst, Prof. Dr. Jan vom Brocke

Jon Ritter, Präsident LIA, Teresa Rädler, Prof. Dr. Jan vom Brocke

Prizes in Continuing Education

The prize of Marxer & Partners Lawyers, for the best thesis on the Executive Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Corporate Law, was awarded this year for the second time, and went to Cornelia Rohrer-Drexel from Schaan.

Mag. iur. Siegfried Herzog, LL.M., Cornelia Rohrer-Drexel, Prof. Dr. Jan vom Brocke

An I&F Family Wealth Preservation Award was conferred for the first time on the Executive Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Corporate Law. The Liechtenstein trust company Industrie-  und Finanzkontor Ets. chose Angelika Layr and Ronny Velvart to receive prizes for their work in this field. Under the auspices of the wealth preservation approach which characterises the I&F Family Wealth Preservation Award, these students developed possible solutions for a practical case history with a view to the long-term strategic preservation of private assets, and sketched out the legal structures required.  

Prinz Michael von und zu Liechtenstein, Chairman von Industrie- und Finanzkontor Ets., Ronny Velvart, Angelika Layr, Prof. Dr. Jan vom Brocke

IMT Financial Advisors AG is awarding prizes for the first time to the three best graduates in the fields of Liechtensteinian and international tax law with reference to Liechtenstein, in conjunction with the Institute for Financial Services (FL House of Finance) of the University of Liechtenstein. The prizewinners are Dietmar Arzner, with a thesis mark of 6.0 and an overall mark of 5.8, Matthias Feurstein with a thesis mark of 6.0 and an overall mark of 5.5 and Carla Zimmermann with a thesis mark of 6.0 and an overall mark of 5.4.

Prof. Dr. Martin Wenz, Dietmar Arzner, Carla Zimmermann, Matthias Feurstein, Prof. Dr. Jan vom Brocke





Graduates by programme



Bachelor of Science in Architecture
Itana Celic
Tatjana Viola Probst
Martin  Horvat


Bachelor of Science in Betriebswirtschaftslehre
Jan-Peter Kucklick
Michael Fleisch
Lukas Salcher
Christian Schemeth
Mathias Stenzel
Matthias Breier
Julien Hawle
Julia Lins
Martina Ulmer
Nadja Chiara Brugger
Sevak Chetschumjan
Simon Erhard
Dominik Kirchmann
Julian Kopf
Claudio Lamprecht
Timo Leiter
Patricia Mathis
Markus Dominique Peter
Moritz Preg
Julia Schnetzer
Santino Schreiner
Kemal Tuncelli
Sandra Wandl
Phillip Winder
Leonard Witte


Master of Science in Architecture
Omer Khalid Chaudhary
Mahdi Derakhshan
Michal Mráz
Ekaterina Nagibina
Naznin Parvin
Teresa  Rädler
Jitin Sabu
Stefanie Anna Schnetzer
Edith Soltész
Gabriela Wäger


Master of Science in Banking and Financial Management
Nico Bundi
Peer Eisele
Nathalie Gassner
Katharina Hinteregger
Hendrik Adriaan Idema
Stefan Kong
Reto Enrico Anselmo Lardi
Christoph Lohrmann
Mareen Isabel Meiswinkel
Oksana Ostrolutska
Norman Oskar Quaderer
Aleksandra Rekova
Heini Seger
Ognjen Vukovic
Patrick  Wildhaber


Master of Science in Entrepreneurship
Moritz Angelsberger
Matthias Bertsch
Tim-Christopher Braum
Marc Däschler
Daniel Egger
Benedikt Ess
Julian Freese
Reto Michael Frick
Martin Greguletz
Adrian Reto Hauser
Andrea Keutmeier
Vera Andrea Klien
Jonas Lüther
Stevan Matijas
Fabian Meier
Mario Müller
Bianca Nausedat
Elke Plank
Anes Prasovic
Michael Reichl
Daniel Rudigier
Simon Senoner
Theresa Marlene Sieben
Florian Tausend
Julia Tenschert
Beate Weinzinger
Matthias Weißbrich
Tobias Zembrodt


Master of Science in IT and Business Process Management
Anthony Camargo
Anja Gysau
Hanspeter Hasler
Michael Heisler
Krisztina Jámbor
Nina Meyer
Kalina Dimitrova Pencheva
Manuella Ribeiro Coelho

 Dr. Nadine Székely, Prof. Dr. Jan vom Brocke

Dr. Helge Mensching, Prof. Dr. Sascha Kraus 

Doctorate degree in Business Economics
Helge Mensching
Nadine Székely


Executive Master of Business Administration in International Asset Management (EMBA) 
Thomas Mähr
Domenik André Maier
Yves Margreiter
Andrea-Reto Müller
Ralph Müller


Master of Laws in International Taxation (LL.M.)                                     
Philipp Gram
Dietmar Arzner
Marcus Genzi
Stefan Schatzmann
Andreas Krüger
Silvia Beereuter
Dominik Bühler
Louis Remo Chicherio
Matthias Feurstein
Rita Kieber-Beck
Andreas Ernst Kohler
Alessandro Michael Maurer
Simon Oberhofer
Christian Ritter
Natalia Dell-Diehl
Stéphane Favre
Michael Goldner
Andreas Näscher
Georg Oehme
Volker Platz
Martha Spiegel-Oehri
Bettina Stähele
Carla Zimmermann


Master of Laws im Gesellschafts-, Stiftungs- und Trustrecht (LL.M.)                   
Michael Frei
Sebastian Xaver Harich
Michael Casutt
Cornelia Rohrer-Drexel
Walter Sinn
Marcel Wyss
Marc Robert Bachert
Laura Banzer
Christina Erhart
Monika Gschwend
Katharina Hillebrand-Kessler
Philipp Kranz
Cathrin Kratzla
Eva Kriechbaumer
Angelika Layr
Wolfgang Lichtenwalder
Thomas Lungkofler
Olga Nizhevska
Ronny Velvart
Juliane Weigt
Märten Geiger


Master of Laws in Banking and Securities Law (LL.M.)                                 
Olaf Gierhake
Anna Engler
Marc Gehrig
Diana Leoste
Lukas Markus Lingg
Reto Näscher
Torsten Ries
Peter Pieter Speldenbrink
Sebastian Steib
Ralph Sutter
Antonio Robert Tommy Andersén

Absolventinnen und Absolventen Liechtenstein 

Laura Banzer
Dominik Bühler
Anthony Camargo
Michael Casutt
Reto Michael Frick
Märten Geiger
Philipp Gram
Monika Gschwend
Hanspeter Hasler
Riter Kieber-Beck
Philipp Kranz
Lukas Markus Lingg
Thomas Mähr
Fabian Meier
Andreas Näscher
Reto Näscher
Ekaterina Nagibina
Oksana Ostrolutska
Naznin Parvin
Norman Oskar Quaderer
Aleksandra Rekova
Christian Ritter
Cornelia Rohrer-Drexel
Martha Spiegel-Oehri
Juliane Weigt