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Graduation ceremony April 2016

The graduation ceremony of the University of Liechtenstein took place on Friday, 22 April 2016. 88 graduates of the university received their Bachelor’s and Master’s degree diplomas. In addition, prizes were awarded to six graduates for exceptional performance.

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Michael Hanke, Vice-Rector for Studies, and the Chairman of the University Senate, Professor  Stefan Güldenberg, conferred the academic degrees in the faculties of Architecture and Economics on the assembled graduates. In his welcoming speech, Michael Hanke made the following appeal to the successful students: ‘In the course of these last few years you have acquired far-ranging knowledge and skills, and in parallel to this have furthered your own personal development. These qualifications will be useful to you in your future professional careers, but society as a whole should benefit as well. Hence my appeal to you – make your mark, make your voice heard, wherever you think change is needed and you can make a difference!’

Prof. Dr. Michael Hanke

‘Creating values and maintaining composure are the real challenges with which our graduates will be faced. Then they will be in a position to make their personal contribution to their own future and the future of our society,’ stressed Hugo Dworzak, Head of the University of Liechtenstein’s Institute of Architecture and Planning, in his address.

Dipl.-Ing. Arch. Hugo Dworzak, MArch 

Exceptional performance

Six graduates were chosen by Liechtenstein companies and associations to receive prizes for their exceptional achievements.

Prizes for achievements; from left to right: Vladimir Sergeev, Effrosyni Panagakou, Florian Andreas Sterr, Milena Fischer, Andreas Alexander Peter, Daniel Weiskopf, Prof. Dr. Jan vom Brock

Awards in the Faculty of Architecture

The Liechtenstein Association of Engineers and Architects (LIA) awarded prizes to the best graduates on the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses in the Faculty of Architecture. On the BA course, the prize went to Milena Fischer from Chur, Switzerland, who achieved a thesis mark of 6.0 and an average mark of 5.6. On the MA course, the prizes were won by Pascal Meer from Amriswil, Switzerland, with a thesis mark of 5.5 and an average mark of 5.4, and by Vladimir Sergeev from Russia, with a thesis mark of 6.0 and an average mark of 5.4.

Prizes for Economics

As in past years, the Hilti company’s Foundation for Fostering a New Generation of Technicians (Förderung des technischen Nachwuchses) awarded prizes for the most innovative diploma theses on the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses in Economics. The award on the BA course in Business Management went to Andreas Alexander Peter from Bad Saulgau, Germany, with a thesis mark of 6.0 and an average mark of 4.9. The prize on the MA course in Banking and Finance was given to Effrosyni Panagakou from Athens, Greece, with a thesis mark of 6.0 and an overall average of 5.2.

The Liechtenstein Bankers Association (LBV) gave prizes for the best average marks in all modules on the BA course in Business Management specialising in Financial Services and the MA course in Banking and Financial Management. The prize on the BA course in Business Management went to Daniel Weiskopf from Lustenau, Austria, with a mark of 5.2. On the MA course in Banking and Financial Management the prize was won by Florian Andreas Sterr from Maisach, Germany, with a mark of 5.4. 

Graduates by programme

Bachelor of Science in Architecture
Meryem Beypinar
Klaus Fink
Daniel Ostermann
Louis Beck
Gian-Andrea Beer
Moritz Cahenzli
Hans Joachim Daetz
Milena Fischer
Anina Frei
Marie Hartmann
Markus Günther Lagler
Ennio Enea Lardi
Johannes Lerch
Sabine Makovec
Bastian Nenning
Clara Teresa Pollak
Bettina Ruepp
Philip Aaron Schatzmann
Carmen Tasser

Bachelor of Science in Business Management
Samra Beso
Linda Grünenfelder
Christian Koch
Maximilian Lirutti
Thimo Marchl
Christoph Obermaier
Andreas Alexander Peter
Daniel Thurmberger
Daniel Weiskopf
Fabian-Georg Zimmermann

Master of Science in Architecture
Graham Barry
Madeleine Bender
Andrea Michaela Egle
Natalie Fussi
Sarah Hermann
Lars Huser
Sandor Lilienberg
Pascal Meer
Evelina-Cristina Vasile
Samuel Wüst
Andreas Dirnberger
Daniel Gonzalez Alonso
Luis Fernando Jaimes Camargo
Eda Kirac
Andreas Lehner
Christian Pfister
Hana Pleskacová
Vladimir Sergeev
Claudia Spörri

Master of Science in Banking and Financial Management
Ercan Demircan
Christian Grun
Stefan Johannes Kaffl
Sergejs Macko
Effrosyni Panagakou
Florian Schaller
Florian Andreas Sterr
Mike Suter
Jonas Ulbrich
Master of Science in IT and Business Process Management
Michael Baumann
Benedikt Hartmann
Karin Elisabeth Herzog
Oliver Kopf
Paul Matt
Tanja Piechnick
Peter Sommerauer

Master of Science in Entrepreneurship
Tobias Thomas Fitz
Peter Neukam

EMBA Entrepreneurial Management
Rolf Ackermann
Werner Adelmann
Ronny Busch
Steffen Jakob
Heiko König
Rainer Kolb
Rocío Lobaton Sánchez
Martin Netzer
Raphael Andrea Schlup
Gerald Schöneberg
Roman Speck
Michael Spröwitz
Martin Stüssi
Marc Weibel
David Wyss
Reto Zogg
Damian Zürcher
Tufan Khalaji
Oliver Stahl

Doctorate degree in Business Economics
Stefan Debortoli
Gregor Diehr
Nadine Poser