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Grand Finale: Accenture Campus Innovation Challenge

The Accenture Campus Innovation Challenge is a cross-university and cross-national case study competition organized by the management consultancy Accenture (one of the largest companies in the world with around 750,000 employees), in which students develop ideas for creating benefits through new technologies.

This year, the focus was on the possibilities of artificial intelligence. In particular, the students worked on fundamentally new applications that are made possible by AI and generate new bundles of benefits for companies and consumers.

By participating in innovation competitions, the Liechtenstein Business School at the University of Liechtenstein specifically promotes the ability to develop innovative, IT-based solutions to increase the efficiency of companies and identify new business areas. This year, students from the Bachelor's program in Business Administration and students from the Master's program in Information Systems were represented together in the seminar for the first time. As part of a cross-university cooperation, students from the FH Vorarlberg also took part in the competition and presented their concepts at the University of Liechtenstein. In total, over 50 students took part in the ACIC.

The "CityVision" team with Eva Corn, Joel D. Gresser, Lukas Lipsky, Julius Maximilian Müller, Sibel Sallamaci and Maximilian Viebach won the International Accenture Campus Innovation Challenge. The team impressed the jury with its concept for the use of AI in the planning and realization of complex construction projects! Also on the podium: the EverGreen and KnowSpark teams.