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Green Summit: top event for sustainability in Liechtenstein

A unique ‘green’ development and business summit will be taking place in Liechtenstein from 6 to 7 June 2014. The agenda includes two topics: ‘Region of the Future’ on Friday, 6 June, and ‘Business of Today’ on Saturday, 7 June.

A unique ‘green’ development and business summit will be taking place in Liechtenstein from 6 to 7 June 2014. The agenda includes two topics: ‘Region of the Future’ on Friday, 6 June, and ‘Business of Today’ on Saturday, 7 June.  

Speakers from all over the world
For two days, visitors to this Green Summit in the Principality will be able to sample the knowledge of international experts from Liechtenstein, Germany, Switzerland, France, England and the USA. The select panel of guests will also include the Chairman of the International Bodensee Conference, Stefan Sutter, and the Managing Directors of the Hamburg and Basel International Building Exhibitions, Uli Hellweg and Monica Linder-Guamaccia. In addition the inventor of the world-famous Cube microhouse, Professor Mike Page, and other developers from Munich, New York, Texas and Boston, including Synapse Capital, will be presenting the latest findings in worldwide research and corporate practice. 

Day 1: Region of the Future
How can the sustainable development of cities and settlements be systematically put into practice – transcending the boundaries of properties, municipalities and countries where necessary? That will be the starting point for ‘Region of the Future’, the topic of discussion on the first day of the congress. Along with the International Building Exhibition project at the Sustainable Spatial Development faculty of the University of Liechtenstein, the future of the Alpine Rhine Valley and regional development initiatives from all over the world will be considered. The aim is to develop new impulses in the Bodensee / Alpine / Rhine region for the realisation of sustainability objectives, with a view to shifting municipal planning in the direction of more attractive, more efficient, sustainable and renewable spaces for human beings and nature.

Energy autonomy by 2030
Could the Alpine Rhine Valley and Bodensee regions soon meet their requirements completely with the help of solar energy, wind and water power? The congress will also engage with this question and will come up with forward-looking strategies and answers. Taking its point of departure from the results of the European research project BAER (BAERnet.org) at the university’s faculty of Sustainable Spatial Development, the first research project in Liechtenstein and the region to receive funding from the EU and various foundations running into the millions, the conference will demonstrate that energy autonomy in the context of the regional power supply can be reached even before 2030. Along with a book launch for ‘Regenerative Region’, a volume edited by Professor Peter Droege, the evening programme will also include the presentation of the Zurich Climate Prize.

Day 2: Business of Today
Saturday, 7 June 2014 will see the coming together of Liechtenstein businesspersons, investors, customers and media representatives with an interest in sustainable products and services. The day will be opened by the President of the Liechtenstein Banking Association, Adolf E. Real, and the Managing Director of the Liechtenstein Chamber of Commerce responsible for trade, commerce and services, Jürgen Nigg. The programme will include internationally reputed speakers from companies and the financial markets as well as representatives of customer associations and the media. After a series of company presentations, the University of Liechtenstein will offer all interested participants an opportunity of exchange and networking. 

The Green Summit receives support from the government of the Principality of Liechtenstein, international sponsors and the European Union, and so can be offered free of charge. Both days of the congress can be booked independently of one another. The event is also supported by the LIFE Climate Foundation and the SME Centre of the University of Liechtenstein.

Bookings and further information online at www.uni.li/greensummit.