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Kick-off of the master's programme Information Systems

18 students from 6 nations started their first semester of the master's programme Information Systems in the beginning of September

After a warm welcome by Prof. Dr. Jan vom Brocke, study director Prof. Dr. Stefan Seidel and study programme manager Roope Jaakonmäki, the students were shortly introduced to the procedure of the master's programme Information Systems and introduced themselves to each other. Afterwards, the students travelled to the mountains of Liechtenstein, to Malbun, where they spent the next days in a workshop to get to know each other better.

Study programme manager Roope Jaakonmäki and lecturer Hagen Pöhnert worked with the freshmen in a practical way on insights to the basic concepts of business process management. Team building and getting to know each other were the goals of different excursions and tasks, that the students had to manage together. As the students of this study programme will also "build bridges" between humans and IT systems within their professional work in business process management, this key competence was symbolised by building a wooden bridge in the Liechtenstein mountains. Thereby, problem solving was a key issue because the bridges had to be built without any instructions. The gained experiences are an important basis for their studies and future jobs - there, it is also key to pull together and implement solutions in a team.

Roope Jaakonmäki and Hagen Pöhnert felt happy about the great feedback from the students and the successful teambuilding event, which enabled the students an inspirational start of their studies.

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