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Konstantina Papathanasiou is the new President of the Senate of the University of Liechtenstein

At the Senate meeting on July 5, 2023, Prof. Dr. Konstantina Papathanasiou was elected as the new Chair of the Senate of the University of Liechtenstein for a three-year term. She takes over from Prof. Dr. Alexander Zimmermann, who led the Senate between 2019 and 2020 and as Chair since 2022.

The Senate is the highest academic body and, along with the Rectorate and the University Council, one of the three governing bodies of the University of Liechtenstein. Together with the Rectorate, it deals with the academic development of the university, in particular the curricula of the individual degree programs, the study and examination regulations, and quality assurance in research and teaching. In addition to the members of the professorial body, the mid-level faculty, the student body and the university administration are also represented in it. Through this university-wide sphere of influence, the freedom of research and teaching at the university is institutionally broadly secured.

In addition, the Senate plays a supporting role in the academic orientation and the implementation of the future development and financial planning of the University. Furthermore, the Senate has the right of nomination for the permanent and most important commissions and boards of the University.

Personal details:
Prof. Dr. Konstantina Papathanasiou, LL.M., has held the professorship of Business Criminal Law, Compliance and Digitalization at the University of Liechtenstein since September 1, 2021. She received her doctorate in Heidelberg and her habilitation in Regensburg in March 2021. Subsequently, she was awarded the venia legendi for Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Economic Criminal Law, International Criminal Law, Comparative Law and Philosophy of Law. Prof. Papathanasiou has conducted an extensive comparative law project on corporate criminal law in 2022, has been a Member of the Scientific Council of European Institute for Criminal Law and Criminal Justice System since 2021, and has been a co-editor of the open access English-language journal CEJ (Compliance Elliance Journal) since fall 2022, as well as a contributor to various journals. Konstantina Papathanasiou is characterized by thinking across legal systems, international publication, lecture and teaching activities and interdisciplinarity.