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Let's start building

How to build a bridge out of paper and wooden sticks that can carry a kilo of sugar? How to control light in rooms or build a city with Lego? It's hard to believe, but children have already tried out all of these things on Future Day at the University of Liechtenstein in the past.

This year, 18 schoolchildren from Liechtenstein and Switzerland once again put their practical skills to the test and discovered their talent for planning. The children built a plaster model and explored spaces and volumes. The specific goal was to design a large model city from many small buildings. Each individual was responsible for one element. In the end, the individual parts were put together to form a large city center.

The workshop gave the children an insight into the basics of architecture and spatial thinking. They immersed themselves in the creative world of urban planning, created their own sketchbook, drew and built models and used their imagination. At the same time, they learned about the basic principles of spatial design. On a tour, the children discovered the University of Liechtenstein as a place to study and work.

The exciting day was accompanied by university lecturer and architect Cornelia Faisst and Pascal Gnädinger, Head of Model Making and Architectural Model Builder at the University of Liechtenstein. At the end, the results were presented to the parents and rector Christian Frommelt: Everyone was thrilled by the inspiring projects of what may be the future generation of master builders and architects.