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Liechtenstein at the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings' Online Science Days 2020

The Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting Online Science Days 2020 took place from Sunday, 28 June to Wednesday, 1 July 2020 and focused in particular on the corona pandemic.

This burning issue was discussed from the perspective of natural as well as economic sciences. Besides, the agenda also included debates on climate change, women in science and international scientific cooperation.

Matthias Herrmann-Meng, Research Assistant and PhD Candidate at the Chair in Finance, had the opportunity to participate in the meeting.

“I am very grateful to the University of Liechtenstein for having nominated me to participate in this event. Attending the Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting was an overwhelming experience and I was deeply impressed by its magnitude. It enabled me to deepen my knowledge and gather new exciting ideas by meeting experienced scholars in the field of Economics and Finance. One of many highlights was, without doubt, the terrific panel discussion on Corona and the Economy with Nobel laureates Peter Diamond, Jean Tirole, Bob Shiller and Bengt Holmstrom. I was very lucky to ask them about their opinion on the danger of COVID-19 to developing countries and their advice on any protective actions to prevent the further spread of the disease (watch the video to find out their response). Best of all, I am now part of the Lindau Alumni Network and have access to one of the biggest online research communities worldwide.”