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Liechtenstein Chapter of the AIS has been awarded again

The AIS, the Association for Information Systems, has named the Liechtenstein Chapter of the AIS of the University of Liechtenstein in April 2017 again as an outstanding chapter of the AIS for the year 2016 and therefore honored its outstanding work in research, teaching and transfer within the area of Information Systems.

The AIS is the academic world organization for Information Systems with headquarters in the USA and worldwide over 5,000 members. The work of the researchers and employees at the Institute of Information Systems of the University of Liechtenstein, who have been awarded already in 2014 and 2015, is thereby honored for the third time by the AIS. Prof. Dr. Jan vom Brocke, Head of the Institute of Information Systems and Hilti Chair of Business Process Management, has founded the Liechtenstein Chapter of the AIS in 2009, which represented the first German-speaking Chapter of the AIS. The Liechtenstein Chapter of the AIS is a community of the AIS, which – next to other chapters e.g. for the USA, Australia or China – represents the interests of Liechtenstein and introduces the work from Liechtenstein to the international professional research community.

"Outstanding Chapter of the AIS"
Liechtenstein has now been awarded for the third time in a row as an "Outstanding Chapter of the AIS". With this award the activities of the group, which is recognized within the community for their work above average, as well as the quality of their research papers have been honored. Criteria for recognition included for example hosting events, workshops, or conference tracks, published journal papers and activities in teaching. Thus, the Information Systems group from Liechtenstein could catch the attention in 2016 again with high-quality papers in worldwide leading journals. They have also organized a track for students at the Information Systems conference 2017 in St. Gallen and assigned a “Student Best Paper Award”. Additionally, Prof. Dr. Jan vom Brocke, president of the Liechtenstein Chapter, has been awarded by the AIS during the last years with many international prizes, such as the renowned “Award for Innovation in Teaching” or the “Technology Challenge Award” for example. Not least, many project by the Institute of Information System for the regional economy and community have been honored.

"Outstanding SIG 2016"
Next to the award of the Liechtenstein Chapter of the AIS, also the SIGGreen, presided by Prof. Dr. Stefan Seidel, internationally renowned researcher and associated professor at the Institute of Information Systems, was honored by the AIS for its outstanding performances in 2016. The SIGGreen is a Special Interest Group of the AIS and provides a focus for environmentally responsible activities, where IS can really make a difference.

Internationally recognized performance
As we are still a small group from Liechtenstein, we feel greatly honored, that we have been awarded again for our performance for the third time in a row. Thereby, especially the strong performance of each single team member is honored and it shows that our work is of high relevance in the era of digitization", says Prof. Dr. Jan vom Brocke.

About AIS: The Association for Information Systems (AIS), founded in 1994, is a professional organization that serves as the premier global organization for academics, students and professionals specializing in Information Systems. For more information about AIS or to become a member, please visit www.aisnet.org.