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Mobility competition at the University of Liechtenstein

The months of September, October and November 2013, at the University of Liechtenstein are devoted to sustainable mobility. Under the slogan "Go MoMo - Mobility months" a mobility competition will be held from Monday, 23 September to Friday 22 November 2013 to which all students and staff are invited.


1. MoMo Basic - for everyone

Everybody who registers at MoMo Web-App and provide at least 80% commuting record (see above) has the chance to win at MoMo Basic‘s prize draw. This also applies to the partici­pants who drive automobiles.
Prepare yourself to win mobility vouchers @30 CHF. Three teams can also win an unforgettable peak dinner experience with the mobility team.**

2. MoMo Go Green - be sustainably mobile!

is aimed at engaging all members of the University of Liechtenstein in their own self- plot­ted green mobility. Everyone is encouraged to transform daily mobility towards sustainability. Do car-sharing, cycling, bike, walk, or ride public means of transportation at least 70% of your mobility behavior.
Prepare yourself to win mobility vouchers up to @110 CHF (for individu­als) and @300 CHF (for teams).**

3. MoMo Gesund - extra chance to win for the sporty ones!

proves that maintaining a sporty spirit brings a true added value for you and your teamma­te. The further you walk or cycle to the University, the higher are your health points. Being in good health and spirit.
You then only need to prepare yourself to win mobility vouchers up to @110 CHF (for individuals) and @300 CHF (for teams).**

Prizes are available for 39 winners!
Duration: 23 September – 22 November 2013
Closing Party à la Nikolaus and Announcement of Winners on Thursday, 5 December 2013


Register at www.uni.li/momo - alone or in a team of two - and keep a record your mode of com­muting to the University and its length, every working day from September 23th until November 22nd. Please bear in mind to record only one way trip each time. Those who drive automobiles are sincerely encouraged to join, too!

Either individuals or teams may participate in MoMo competition. However, teams enjoy the priviledge to double their chance of winning. Teammates must not share the daily route.

The whole MoMo competition consists of three levels: MoMo Basic, MoMo Go Green und MoMo Healthy. These levels have different winning criteria. But basically, for each level, pri­zes are divided into two categories, each for individual and team. Only participants who provi­de their record for at least 80% of the working days during MoMo period will be considered for MoMo Basic‘ prize draw. Your participation in MoMo Go Green and MoMo Healthy is automa­tic, based on your recorded data. Please complete the registration and recording at our MoMo Web-App.*

During MoMo competition, a number of social events will take place. It is meant to provide you all with more pleasure and mobility spirit.


  • Mobility breakfast for all participants and LieMobil Day on Thursday, 10 October 2013
  • Mobility chill-out for all participants on Thursday, 15 November 2013
  • Closing party à la Nikolaus and the announcement of winners on Thursday, 5 December 2013


Would you like to enrich your mobility team with your engagement, idea, and inspiration?

* The input mobility data will be evaluated on account basis. The mobility team reserves all rights to use the data in anonymous format only for the purpose of internal analysis related to the mobility management. For transparency reason, the data of the MoMo Green and MoMo Healthy‘s win­ners will be presented at the announcement.

** Together with an official purchase receipts, the mobility vouchers must be presented at University‘s reception desk in order to get reimburse­ments for the amount written on the vouchers. We only accept receipts from the purchase for public transport, as well as sport and cycling equip­ments.