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New Bank-Frick scholarship holder at the University of Liechtenstein

Sven Lagger from Göfis was one of many applicants to win the scholarship for the Blockchain and FinTech certificate program offered by Bank Frick as part of its close cooperation with the University of Liechtenstein. Lagger, who is also enrolled as a Master's student, will be able to take part in the top-class program free of charge.

As part of its cooperation with the University of Liechtenstein, Bank Frick is awarding a scholarship of CHF 9,800 for free participation in the Blockchain and FinTech 2024 certificate course, which has made a name for itself far beyond the country's borders and is characterized in particular by the application-oriented teaching of knowledge in the field of technological redesign of existing financial systems. Students on the program acquire a firm understanding of the new networked systems and their impact on business models and value creation networks.
This year's recipient of the Bank Frick Scholarship is Sven Lagger, who lives in Göfis. His application was particularly convincing due to his previous academic experience, which has already given him a deep technological understanding of blockchain systems. Lagger is also studying for a Master of Science in Business Informatics at the University of Liechtenstein.
"The cooperation between the University of Liechtenstein and Bank Frick has been an absolutely successful model for many years. The large number of participants in the continuously revised course, high demand for the scholarship and for further projects impressively demonstrate the great relevance for the country, but also for the entire Rhine Valley region," says Assoc. Prof. Dr. Martin Angerer, Director of Studies for the Blockchain and FinTech certificate course and the MSc in Finance, underlining the importance of the close collaboration.