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New project to promote AI skills in higher education

The University of Liechtenstein is pleased to announce the start of the Erasmus+ project "Pathfinder". Since January 2024, Sebastian Moder and Julia Tenschert from the Liechtenstein Business School have been working under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Furtner in cooperation with the LAB University of Applied Sciences in Finland, the University of Dubrovnik in Croatia and the formatio private school in Liechtenstein to anchor the understanding and application of artificial intelligence (AI) in higher education. The project will run until December 2026.

Through the use of strategic guidelines, AI-based tools and tailored learning programs, teachers and students will be equipped with the necessary resources and knowledge to responsibly and effectively integrate AI into the teaching and learning process. The project includes the development of a framework to support teachers, an AI-supported toolkit for lesson planning and a competency-based learning program for students. These tools aim to improve employability, foster innovation and strengthen the resilience of the European education community.

The project is in line with the research strategy of the participating institutions and emphasizes the importance of sustainability and responsibility in the implementation of AI technologies. By investigating the societal impact of AI, the project makes a significant contribution to sustainable development and positions the project partners as pioneers in the field of responsible technological innovation in education.

The partner institutions contribute their respective strengths and expertise to the project. The LAB University of Applied Sciences contributes its experience in the development of innovations and the integration of AI into educational programs. The University of Dubrovnik is contributing its expertise in the development of education and training programs to the project through the Center for Digital Transformation. The formatio private school in Liechtenstein, on the other hand, is focusing on strengthening individual strengths and innovative teaching methods. The University of Liechtenstein is responsible for project management and the strategic development of the project.

The results of this project will not only improve digital readiness and educational practices within the participating institutions, but will also provide valuable insights and resources for the entire European educational community. The participating institutions are convinced that this project will enable a cultural shift to foster innovation and broader access to responsible AI use in higher education.