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Paper on Master's thesis attracts great attention

At the beginning of 2024, the 57th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences took place. Over 1300 attendees from 45 countries attended this event.

HICSS – The Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences – has been known worldwide as one of the longest standing scientific communities in the information systems and technology fields. Since 1968, it has become a respected destination that attracts high-caliber scholars and professionals in academia, industry and government agencies around the world to discuss their cutting-edge research.

Among the 764 papers accepted to the conference, one was due to the contribution of a now graduated student from the Master in Information Systems at the University of Liechtenstein: Fiona Koh (formely, Fiona Ruettimann). The paper, entitled "Voices from the Frontline: Revealing the AI Practitioners' Viewpoint on the European AI Act", featured the research carried out by Fiona for her Master Thesis---a work done under the guidance of Ass. Prof. Giovanni Apruzzese. The paper also fostered the contribution of a well-known researcher from EPFL, Dr. Kathrin Grosse.

The paper was presented at the conference on January 5th by Ass. Prof. Giovanni Apruzzese. The presentation was extremely well-received by the attendees: the Q&A session lasted much longer than usual, underscoring the importance of the themes tackled in the paper. Indeed, the never-ending interest towards AI induced sovereign entities to advance regulation that will dictate its future development. The paper shines light on what industry practitioners in AI think about the upcoming AI Act proposed by the EU.

Information about the conference: https://hicss.hawaii.edu/program-hicss57/

It is possible to read the paper here: https://scholarspace.manoa.hawaii.edu/items/cd1c5a61-87c6-4827-a200-745d450e25c2

Information on the study programme: https://www.uni.li/de/studium/studienprogramme/master-wirtschaftsinformatik/master-wirtschaftsinformatik)