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Prof. Dr Jan vom Brocke appointed AIS Fellow

The Association for Information Systems (AIS), the US-based international association for information systems, has appointed Prof. Dr. Jan vom Brocke, holder of the Hilti Chair of Business Process Management and Head of the Institute for Information Systems at the University of Liechtenstein, as an AIS Fellow for his achievements. This once again puts the University of Liechtenstein's expertise in the field of information systems into the international spotlight.

The AIS Fellow is appointed to persons who have made outstanding contributions to the field of Information systems. According to the AIS, a Fellow has made outstanding contributions to the discipline of information systems with his or her significant achievements at the international level and has also made a significant contribution to the development of his or her country and region. AIS Fellows act as role models and inspiration for colleagues and students within the discipline of information systems.

Jan vom Brocke is the first scientist from Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Austria to receive this honor from the world association for Information systems. Even in Germany only four individuals have been appointed AIS Fellow since the introduction of this title in 1991. Jan vom Brocke is the twelfth scientist in Europe to receive this high recognition.

Jan vom Brocke was appointed to the Hilti Chair of Business Process Management at the University of Liechtenstein, where he established the Institute for Information Systems. Over the past 13 years, he has also had a major impact on digitalization in Liechtenstein. Together with his team, he has actively supported numerous organizations in the country with knowledge transfer projects, workshops and consulting projects. In several study programs, the Institute trains highly sought-after specialists for the Liechtenstein economy. Vom Brocke is active in the scientific advisory board of the Zukunft.li foundation as well as on the board of Digital-Liechtenstein.li and has implemented a number of projects at the university for the digitalization of the country. He has published in the world's leading journals, has been awarded several international prizes for his work and holds teaching positions at renowned universities in Europe.

"With this award, the University of Liechtenstein is significantly strengthening its position and international visibility in the core topic of digitalization and innovation", says Prof. Dr. Ulrike Baumöl, Rector of the University of Liechtenstein. "The AIS also honours Jan vom Brocke's intensive commitment to young academics by consistently supporting his students and staff and by bringing many talents from other universities into the country". In this way, the Institute for Information Systems would ultimately also make a significant contribution to ensuring that highly qualified IT specialists are available to the economy in the country and the region. Jan vom Brocke himself is very honoured: "I am particularly pleased that not only the publication activity but also the work in the country - i.e. the transfer of knowledge into practice - was honoured here". Klaus Risch from the Hilti Trust also expressed his appreciation on behalf of the sponsor: "With his work at the Hilti Chair, Jan vom Brocke is an ambassador for Hilti, the country and its innovative strength".