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Return to normality on campus

The University of Liechtenstein is pleased that personal encounters on campus are now possible again. With the decisions of the Liechtenstein government of 16 February 2022, the corona protection measures at the University of Liechtenstein will also be largely lifted as of 17 February 2022.

All buildings on campus will be generally accessible again, and the obligation to wear a mask will no longer apply in all buildings and rooms. It is currently being examined whether the conversion from virtual teaching to face-to-face teaching in the training degree programmes can be implemented before the already announced date at the beginning of April.

Changes compared to the action plan and protection concept valid until 16.02.2022 at a glance

  • The obligation to wear a mask has been dropped in all buildings and rooms. However, every university member is free to continue wearing a mask for reasons of self-protection.
  • The more far-reaching regulations of the Corona action plan have been lifted.
  • The cafeteria will remain closed until teaching in the training courses is switched back to face-to-face teaching.
  • Continuing education events can take place in presence without certificate obligation and mask.
  • All extracurricular events can be held without restrictions.
  • Business and study trips are again possible without restrictions.
  • For staff members who have tested positive for Corona, the rules of their respective country of residence apply. Regulations on isolation or quarantine must be observed in any case.
  • For working from home, the regulations of the DBO for employees apply.
  • The Corona action plan and the protection concept lose their validity.

The university management appeals to the self-responsibility of all university employees to protect themselves and others as well as possible from infection.