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Second Life Project successfully completed

The Institute of Information Systems of the University of Liechtenstein has successfully contributed as a partner of the Liechtenstein National Museum in the project “Second Life. Digitalisation and promotion of digitalised heritage via New Media”, where museums from Liechtenstein, Norway and Poland exchanged best practices between each other.

The digitalisation of works of art and historical artefacts is being carried out in museums all over the world and involves the use of considerable public funds spent on this purpose. Yet the importance and necessity of digitialising cultural objects is indisputable.

While we are aware of the potential of digitized images in promoting the culture of a country or region, and the significant role they could play – if properly displayed – in attracting visitors and tourists, we realize that the public does not take advantage of them as frequently as museum experts, municipal authorities and tour operators would wish.

This was the origin of the idea for the project “Second life. Digitalisation and promotion of digitalised cultural heritage via New Media”, which was aimed at exchanging best practices in digitalisation and promoting digital images, as well as providing these images with “second life” by unlocking the tremendous potential offered in this area by modern technologies and social media.

The Project participants included experts from the National Museum in Krakow, the Bergen City Museum, and the National Museum in Liechtenstein, as well as specialists and employees of cultural and academic institutions from Liechtenstein, Norway and Poland.

The results of the project work are presented in this brochure.