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Student for a day

The University of Liechtenstein is inviting school students to get a breath of invigorating campus air. Its ‘Student for a day’ series gives them the chance of finding out about the university’s BSc courses in Business Administration and Architecture.

Which university is the right one for me? The best way to find out is by visiting the place. School students now have the opportunity of attending lectures at the University of  Liechtenstein shoulder to shoulder with university students. They can also explore the campus and take part in workshops of their choice.

Business Administration: an informed choice of study

What are the characteristics of a good manager? If I study business, what professional openings can I look forward to? What is the course going to be like? These questions will be answered directly on campus. School students will attend a management lecture and then work with a topical case study, with a view to finding out whether the world of business gets them excited. University students will tell them what is special about life here on the campus, and directors of studies will also be on hand to answer questions. The day will end with a guided tour of the campus.

Architecture: tinkering on your own project

How do architects actually design houses or cities? This is what we will be trying to find out at the Design Studio of the University of  Liechtenstein. With the help of sketches and models, lecturers will show the students how a design process unfolds. Students will also have the opportunity of working on a short project of their own. This will enable them to discover the role played by proportions, the scale and the geometry. After the presentation of their own work, they will still have plenty of time left over to meet teaching staff and university students on a tour of the campus, and find out more about future professional prospects by talking to them directly.

Business Administration ‘Student for a day’:
Tuesday, 15.12.2015, 12.00 noon to 6.00 pm
Please book by 13.12.2015 at www.uni.li/bwl-4aday

Architecture ‘Student for a day’:
Thursday, 17.12.2015, 1.30 pm to 5.00 pm
Please book by 15.12.2015 at www.uni.li/ar-4aday