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Unili student Ognjen Vukovic attending Complex Systems Conference in UK

Vaduz - The MSc student in Banking and Financial Management, Ognjen Vukovic, received an invitation to the Complex Systems Conference in Southampton, UK organized by Wessex Institute. The conference gathers scientists discussing methods that cannot be formulated using standard mathematical models.

The student of the University of Liechtenstein attends and presents his paper at the international conference on Complex Systems in Business, Administration, Science and Engineering. The conference aims to bring together practitioners of a variety of disciplines interested in developing and discussing new approaches for resolving complex issues that cannot be formulated using conventional, mathematical or software models. The papers will then be published in the WIT Journal of Nature, Design and Ecodynamics.

Multidisciplinary paper
Ognjen Vukovic presents the paper “Analysing Chinese stock market by using Hurst exponent, fractional Brownian motion and variants of stochastic logistic differential equation.” The multidisciplinary paper represents the combination of mathematical biology, physics and economics and is dealing with one of the most difficult modern issues in contemporary science concerning complex systems. It analyses the Shanghai stock index and predicts its future movement by using most advanced mathematical methods. The conference will take place in New Forest, England from 12-14th of May.

«I feel really lucky to have been given a chance at the University of Liechtenstein to work in such a dynamic and stimulating environment. I sincerely hope that together with the Chair in Business Administration, Banking and Financial Management and the Chair in Finance we will manage to publish more papers», Ognjen Vukovic sums up his experience and success.

Further information
If you are interested in Ognjen’s work, you can contact him at the following e-mail address: ognjen.vukovic@uni.li.
He would be happy to explain his work to you and provide you with further literature.

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