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University of Liechtenstein renews Master's program in Innovative Finance

The University of Liechtenstein has developed the previous Master's degree program in Finance into Innovative Finance, integrating the latest financial innovations into the curriculum. The updated program is now in line with the latest developments in the financial sector and the needs of the job market.

The program, known for its international focus and CFA-oriented curriculum, now offers two specialized tracks: the Industry Track, which focuses on professional requirements in the financial sector, and the Research Track for those who wish to pursue a career in development and research. Both tracks are designed to best prepare students for the challenges and opportunities in the rapidly changing world of finance.

In addition, the option of part-time study allows working professionals to combine their academic and professional careers. "This flexible approach is a response to the needs of the financial center and also enables working professionals to complete a Master's degree," explains program manager Patrick Krause, underlining the University of Liechtenstein's commitment to offering high-quality educational opportunities for a broad target group.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Martin Angerer, Director of Studies of the program, emphasizes the importance of personal development and practical skills: "In addition to professional training, we place great emphasis on the personal development of our students and prepare them practically for dealing with new forms of communication. These skills are crucial in order to be successful in the dynamic world of finance."

The University of Liechtenstein offers a learning environment with individual support for students from all over the world. With its close contact to the Liechtenstein financial center, the Master's degree program in Innovative Finance prepares students for a successful career in finance.

For further information on the Master's in Innovative Finance and the new features of the program, please contact Patrick Krause, program manager.