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Visitors from the Swiss network for service learning at universities

On Monday, 8 January, five representatives of the Swiss Network for Service Learning at Universities* visited the University of Liechtenstein. They were following an invitation from Bmstr Mag. arch Cornelia Faisst, who is also part of the network.

Service learning, a term that is translated as "learning through engagement" in German-speaking countries, stands for learning through projects in cooperation with society. For this reason, the "Pro Bono" teaching module led by Cornelia Faisst and Daniel Haselsberger at the Liechtenstein School of Architecture was the focus of the day's programme. The Rector of the University of Liechtenstein, Dr. Christian Frommelt, also followed the introductory programme points and discussed the potential of this innovative teaching module with the visitors.

Both the teaching module and the resulting projects were met with great enthusiasm. The pioneering character and the associated role model function of the pro bono teaching module were emphasised. Since the introduction of Pro Bono in 2019, Cornelia Faisst and Daniel Haselsberger have supported over 75 completed projects involving more than 200 students. They are now embarking on an impact analysis of the teaching module in order to share their findings with other training centres.