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Benefit event for refugees at the campus

On Saturday, April 30, START Vaduz is hosting a benefit event for refugees in need at the University of Liechtenstein. Starting at 2 p.m., students invite all those willing to help to campus. Whatever the weather, the afternoon program features food and drinks from around the world, music, and a live link to students in Ukraine. The highlight is a benefit party in the evening. The net profit of the day will be donated to the Liechtenstein Red Cross to help people on the run.

The "Benefit Event for Refugees" this Saturday starts at 2 p.m. at the university. And these are the highlights, whatever the weather:

From 2 pm:

  • Book bazaar of the library of the University of Liechtenstein
  • Raffle with prizes worth 6000 Swiss francs
  • Yellow King Food Truck: best burgers
  • Popcorn, cotton candy and cake from START Vaduz
  • Original Mexican Food from the Student Dorm
  • Apero: drinks from all over the world

3 p.m.: "Whom do we support with your donations" A presentation by the Liechtenstein Red Cross

4 p.m.: "Live call to Ukraine" Students at the University of Kiev report live and answer questions.

4:30 p.m.: Live music with "Nameless"

Get tickets now: Welcome back to campus Benefit party starts at 9 p.m.

In the evening from 9 pm, after months of absence due to Corona, the "Welcome back to campus" party of the students will take place in the auditorium of the university. They will also donate the net profit of the event to the Liechtenstein Red Cross. 

As only just under 200 tickets are still available for the party in the evening, the organizers recommend purchasing discounted tickets now in advance

online athttps://kumscho.com/event/back-to-campus.

Among all tickets purchased in advance, tickets for the Therme Lindau will be raffled.

The organizer of this benefit day is START Vaduz, the largest student organization in Liechenstein. "We believe that a person's plight should always take precedence over their background. We at START do not want to forget anyone and therefore, in close cooperation with the Liechtenstein Red Cross and the University of Liechtenstein, we support people on the run who most urgently need our help," Joahnnes Wunsch from START Vaduz explains the great commitment. "Together, we want to improve the situation of people in need and make the decision on who we support with the donations based solely on their plight."   

Numerous students as well as staff and lecturers are involved in the preparations and on the benefit day itself. Their common goal is to collect as many donations as possible on this day, which will reach refugees directly via the Liechtenstein Red Cross and thus mean an immediate improvement in their situation.   

START Vaduz welcomes donations to the following donation account:   

  • Name: START Network Liechtenstein e.V  
  • Purpose: Spende Benefiz 
  • IBAN LI79 0880 0000 0563 4733 4  



"Welcome back to campus" Benefit Party on 30.4. starting at 9 p.m.  

Attention: there are only a few discounted tickets available here in the online presale:  



Further information:   

START Vaduz, Johannes Wunsch