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Winner of the Liechtenstein Banking Award 2017

Two graduates of the University of Liechtenstein were presented with the Liechtenstein Banking Award for their academically outstanding, practice-oriented theses. The ceremony for the award, presented for the fourteenth time now, took place on November 30 in the auditorium of the university.

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A total of sixteen graduates from the Bachelor's degree programme in Business Administration and the Master's degree programme in Finance, whose final papers had a minimum rating of “good”, submitted their Bachelor's and Master's theses to the Jury of the Liechtenstein Banking Award. The six jurors – two professors from the University of Liechtenstein, one external professor and three practical experts appointed by the Liechtenstein Bankers Association – nominated nine papers in all. Professor Marco Menichetti explained: “In addition to my thanks to all the students involved in the competition, I would like to express the admiration on the part of the jury members for the exceptional theses of the two winners, Ms Schröer and Mr Mäser. Both award winners not only selected topics that are both topical and important for Liechtenstein as a financial centre, but also provided with their work valuable suggestions and practical help.”


Outstanding work with strong practical relevance

On 30th November, the two winners of the Banking Award 2017 received their awards from Simon Tribelhorn, Managing Director of the Liechtenstein Bankers Association, and Professor Dr med. Marco Menichetti, holder of the Chair in Business Administration, Banking and Financial Management at the University of Liechtenstein. This year's winners are Saskia Schröer for her Bachelor’s thesis, and Jérôme Mäser for his Master’s thesis, and both presented their work to the expert audience following the award ceremony. “As different as the two award winners’ theses may be, they have one thing in common: both provide important impulses in key issues with strong practical relevance for Liechtenstein. With his Master’s thesis, Jérôme Mäser managed to not only develop a tool tailored to the Liechtenstein labour market that can be applied practically to calculate the financial situation of Liechtenstein employees after their retirement, but also to provide concrete added value for staff and benefit institutions alike. Saskia Schröer's FinTech case study provides important insights and clues as to what future developments in the asset management industry will be impacted by the use of robo-advisors in the investment process and how this will affect the personal component between client and advisor. Both deserve praise and recognition for their work”, said Tribelhorn at the award ceremony.


Proportionality of regulation

The keynote speaker at the award ceremony was Professor Dr Matthias Lehmann. His speech dealt with “Regulatory compliance and proportionality” and one of his key statements was: “Proportional regulation also helps to ensure fair competition and to promote a diversified banking landscape; it also reduces the risks to the stability of the financial markets.”


Speech given by Professor Dr Matthias Lehmann on the subject “Regulatory compliance and proportionality”. (Photo: Michael Zanghellini)



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