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Young researchers at the University of Liechtenstein awarded Liechtenstein Prize

Last year, the government awarded the Liechtenstein Prize to five young researchers at the University of Liechtenstein. Due to the Corona crisis, it was once again not possible to celebrate the presentation of the prize at a ceremony.


The Liechtenstein Prize, endowed with a total of CHF 10,000, is awarded annually for outstanding projects by young researchers at the University of Liechtenstein. It is intended to motivate promising young researchers to pursue an academic career, to promote research in areas relevant to Liechtenstein, and to strengthen Liechtenstein as a research center.

Outstanding achievements

The experts judged the winning papers to be of good research merit as well as of a high degree of practical relevance and awarded the Liechtenstein Prize 2021 to:
• Dr. Jurij-Andrei Reichenecker for the publication "Hedging with an Edge: Parametric Currency Overlay." Management Science, 66. Barroso, P., Menichetti, M., & Reichenecker, J.-A. (in press).
• Dr. Janine Hacker and Joshua Handali for the publication "Virtually in this together-how web-conferencing systems enabled a new virtual togetherness during the COVID-19 crisis" Hacker, J., vom Brocke, J., Handali, J., Otto, M., & Schneider, European Journal of Information Systems, 29(5), 563-584.J. (2020).
• Dr. Michael Weigerding for his dissertation "Market liquidity dynamics".
• Dr. Wolfgang Hora for the project "BMI - Business Model Innovation".

In the congratulatory letter on receiving the respective certificates, which were sent by mail this year due to the pandemic situation, Government Councillor Dominique Hasler acknowledged the research achievements of the award winners. Their outstanding work is an expression of the achievements in research and teaching at the University of Liechtenstein.
The Councillor regrets very much that due to the current situation no personal congratulations could take place, but is pleased to invite the  laureates to the planned award ceremony during the upcoming Dies Academicus in June.