Young academics at the University of Liechtenstein can continue their career path, after having achieved their doctorate, at the post-doctoral level. Post-doctoral candidates are as a rule engaged with their own research projects, while at the same time being involved in the university’s teaching programme. 

This post-doc phase should moreover be used in such a way as to acquire further experience of the university environment. It therefore generally includes periods of research spent at other universities.

Assistant professors are young researchers whose academic path takes them in the direction of an eventual professorship. The appointment does not carry the right to confer doctorates, and is for a limited period. The goal of this career stage is the successful application for a professorship with tenure. The qualification procedures this necessitates are generally completed with the applicant’s obtaining the habilitation title. 

The University of Liechtenstein not only offers classic assistance professorships with habilitation, it also caters for assistant professors with ‘tenure track’. This is a position to which outstanding young researchers can be appointed, based on a defined appointments procedure, provided that the development planning of the institute in question allows for the creation of such an associate professorship or professorship. The further development of successful candidates will be subjected to recurrent review and evaluation.

If you have any questions on this subject, please contact Mag. Christoph Jenny.