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Principal areas of research

Research is carried on at the various departments of the University of Liechtenstein in five principal areas. These principal research areas and departments are of international significance, while also having reference to themes and issues of Liechtenstein politics, industry and society. 


The principal research fields are IT and Business Process Management at the Institute for Information Systems (with research departments going by the names of Digital Innovation, Process Management, Sustainably Digital, Content Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Big Data Analytics, Culture Assessment and Digital Nudging), Sustainable Planning and Building at the Institute of Architecture and Planning (Architecture and Theory, Sustainable Planning, Sustainable Building), Growth and Complexity at the Institute for Entrepreneurship (Entrepreneurial Learning, Team Learning, Entrepreneurial Marketing, Innovation Management, International and Strategic Management, Knowledge Processing and Knowledge Management and Family Businesses), Wealth Management at the Institute for Finance (Banking and Finance, International Taxation, Corporate Taxation, Asset Management, Banking and Financial Market Law and Company, Foundation and Trust Law) as well as  Company, Foundation and Trust Law and Banking and Securities Law at the Institute for Business Law.