From ESG Integration to Impact Investing

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Type and Duration

ERASMUS, September 2019 until August 2022


Chair for Tax Management and the Laws of Liechtenstein and International Taxation

Main Research

Wealth Management

Field of Research

Banking and Finance


This project aims to use three years to develop three sets of massive online courses with the topic of sustainable investing and target at three groups of audiences: the European citizens, the graduate students in Finance, and the practitioners in the financial market.

In the first intellectual output (IO) of this project, the relationship between sustainable development goals and socially responsible investing is discussed, and the target is European citizens in order to strengthen their financial literacy. Based on this introduction, the second IO targets on the graduate students in Finance and analyses more in detail socially responsible investments, and opposes ESG-rating to social impact. Finally, in our last IO, we discuss practical approaches for financial markets on how to strengthen - in terms of assets under management - strategies delivering higher impact levels. The result will be a practical guide for people active in financial markets.

The long term benefit of this project is the support for investors to become mature and responsible, as well as for issuers of financial products and for advisers to retail and institutional investors. The overall target group for this project is millions of people holding responsible positions in financial markets.

Principal Investigator

Project Collaborator


  • Universidad Nacional de Education a Distancia
  • Università Degli di Roma La Sapienza
  • Università Degli Studi di Roma Unitelma Sapienza